New Haven Men Film Themselves Mocking And Harassing Special Needs Employee At Dartmouth Stop & Shop To Promote Instagram Show 


This is Eric Prescott, a 28 year old special needs man from New Bedford who works at Stop & Shop collecting stray carts in the parking lot.

Two years ago WBSM wrote an incredibly touching story about his special needs girlfriend Kristyn Olejarz, after she died from cardiac arrest. It’s really one of the saddest stories you’ll ever read, but you should read it.

Last year Eric was once again featured on WBSM after he turned in a pocketbook that an elderly woman left behind in a shopping cart, and she gave him $100 for his honesty.

Yesterday while he was working at Stop & Shop Eric was harassed by two chuds who videotaped themselves mocking him by pretending to offer him $1,000 to quit his job so he can “pimp out hoes and make boat loads.”

Obviously Eric was didn’t understand that he was being mocked by them, or was the butt of their joke, but he was clearly bothered by it. They laughed at him when he yelled “Go,” and lashed out at them to leave him alone, which was the response they hoped to get.

At the end they appear to be pulled over, which is so hardcore.

Imagine thinking that picking on special needs Stop & Shop employees was content people wanted to see? They go by Jonny and Bobby.

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I don’t know their last names, but they’re from New Haven and they deserve to be named and shamed. If you know who they are, please feel free to email [email protected], or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.

This was apparently done for some sort of startup entertainment website called “The After Hours Show,” because these two degenerates weren’t creative enough to come up with something better than that.

It’s two college aged kids from New Haven who try to be edgy by making prank phone calls and talking about their favorite rappers. Their business plan is to make money by getting sponsorships from businesses that want to be seen by their 300 IG followers, 93 YouTube subscribers, and 26 Facebook likes.

They couldn’t possibly make it more obvious that they’re trying too hard. They just don’t realize that they’re not funny, original, or creative, and that there’s no market for people who want to see two unlikeable 20 year olds picking on special needs people at work.

And no, this is not a joke. They actually consider this a serious business venture, and appear to have invested in video production for it.

So edgy. This is why I’m thrilled that 18-24 is my smallest demographic. I have no desire to entertain people like this at all, or anyone who’s entertained by it.

Anyway, these two wanted to be famous, so let’s help them get there. Email [email protected], or message @DoctorTurtleboy on Twitter or Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook if you know who they are.


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