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Newly Acquired Shocking Court Documents Reflect “Police Paparazzi” Josh Abram’s Volatile And Violent Criminal Past

As the mildly popular "First Amendment Auditor" sits in jail after violating the terms of his pretrial police, more documents surface detailing the felon's lengthy and violent criminal history.


Well, September 19th has come and gone. And Josh Abrams is still in jail. Yesterday morning he put out yet another jailhouse phone call video claiming “corruption” caused his court date to be rescheduled – but we quickly debunked his latest string of lies. You can watch a breakdown below:

Pretty much everything out of his mouth is an easily-refuted lie. In case there was any doubt as to what kind of guy is currently sitting behind bars, though, here are some documents we recently acquired detailing some of Josh’s more violent criminal exploits in the not-so-distant past:

  1. Josh Sets Up A Former Co-Worker To Get Jumped and Beaten, Nearly Runs Him Over With Truck, Gets Charged With A&B w/ Dangerous Weapon and Kidnapping.


2. Josh Intimidates The Victim/Witnesses In One Of His Cases In Full View Of Court Officers And Police


3. Josh Abuses A Girlfriend While Pregnant With His Child


4. ….More Than Once


5. Josh Assaults The Mother Of His Child, Kidnaps Their Child


6. Josh Refuses To Accept Restraining Order, Tells Police He Will Not Abide By It, Threatens The Victim And Gets Arrested


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