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Newport Police Under Fire For Smacking Around Chads Who Tried To Interfere With Arrest Outside Bar


A video from Newport has gone viral showing some bros getting roughed up by the cops during an arrest outside a bar. Watch for yourself:


The bitch slap heard round the world:

The boat shoe mafia must’ve forgot their white privilege scented Axe body spray at home. I was told that cops bring white men to Burger King while black men get roughed up for no reason. What time are the marches and riots?

My initial reaction after seeing that was probably the same reaction most people had – not a good look for the cops. But I’ve learned my lesson with these viral videos before, and I know that often there’s more to the story, so I watched it again slowly.

It starts when some Chad is resisting arrest for something we didn’t see, and then another Chad decided it would be a good time to interfere with the arrest by sticking his arm in while filming with the other hand.


Contrary to folklore, you’re not actually supposed to do that, and another officer immediately jumped in to throw Chad #2 out of there.


That’s when Chad #3 in the light blue shirt jumped in and figured he’d try to stick his arm in between Chad #2 and the cop to see what happens.


The correct answer to this episode of “fuck around and find out” was “you get thrown face first into a pole.”


The cops then go back to attempting to handcuff Chad #1 and appear to be making progress. Then Chad #4, flannel Chad, came out of nowhere and decided he’d stand all up in the already flustered cop’s personal space and ask questions.


He of course then got Chris Rock’d.


After that they went to place Chad #4 under arrest and he resisted, which ended up getting him a punch to the dome.



But meanwhile Chad #1 was still resisting, and none of this would’ve happened if he had just not done that.


The only smart one was Chad #5 who urged the free muh boi mob to stop trying to interfere with the arrest.

The Newport Police issued a statement backing the officers.

On June 26, 2022 at approximately 0121 hours, Officer John Sullivan was on a fixed post for crowd control due to bar closing in the area of Thames Street and Green Street. During this post, Officer J. Sullivan observed a male, later identified as Dennis Engleson, forcefully throwing a silicone bar mat towards persons walking down the sidewalk. Engelson was observed throwing it towards pedestrians twice prior to intervening.

Officer John Sullivan instructed Engelson and his other friends to leave the area immediately. Engelson began to leave but continuously yelled towards Officer J. Sullivan, then proceeded to pick up the mat again. Officer J. Sullivan told Engelson five separate times to leave the area but he continued to yell and act belligerently, making it clear to the officer that he was not leaving the bar area. Officer John Sullivan made the determination to arrest Engelson for disorderly conduct and asked for his identification. Engelson implied he was not going to be arrested and turned away from the officers’ direction. Engelson actively resisted his arrest, and additional officers were called to the scene. 

Shortly thereafter, Officer Neil Sullivan responded to assist, while Detective Patrick Walsh arrived on scene for crowd control. At this time, a second male interjected himself into the situation, affecting Engelson’s arrest. Detective Walsh, while controlling the crowd, was startled to see a male directly behind him as officers John and Neil Sullivan were still securing Engelson. 

A second male was subsequently arrested, later identified as Christopher Adams (sic), was brought to the ground for obstructing the two officers who were actively arresting Engelson

Officers arrested:
Dennis Engleson – 427 Spring Street – Age 22, white male, on charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction, and resisting arrest
Christopher Adams (sic) – 49 East Bowery Street – Age 22, white male charges: obstruction and resisting arrest”

Look, I don’t automatically support the police no matter what. Uvalde showed us that cops are more than capable of lying. But the people who are all up in arms about this are saying really dumb things, like “why couldn’t the cop just tell Chad #2, 3, and 4 to backup?”, so I really can’t say the cops are the bad guys here.

I also have no sympathy for anyone who gets up in a cop’s personal space during such a tense situation. For some reason people seem to think that cops can be talked out of arresting someone if enough people yell and scream at them. Newsflash – telling the cops not to arrest your drunken friend won’t make them reconsider arresting him. If you see the cops arresting your friend the best thing you can do is go down to the police station and bail them out. Then let an actual lawyer take it from there, because chances are whatever hooliganism he was arrested for will end up getting dropped anyway due to the fact that our courts are a joke. 

So yea, if people would just obey the law and let the cop’s do their job then none of this would’ve happened. I plan on spending exactly zero seconds feeling bad for any of the Chads who got a boo-boo from the cops.

P.S. If you have a link to Dennis Engleson or Christopher Adams’ social media feel free to send it to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson.


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