Newton Attorney And Religious School Teacher Vows To Murder Samuel Alito And Brett Kavanaugh Over Dobbs Decision


This is Greg Sager, a Quincy resident, an attorney at Rodman Employment Law, and a religious school teacher at Temple Shalom in Newton.

He’s so woke and religiously devout that he even got a pink pussy hat in the shape of a yarmulke.

Greg has a lot of strong political opinions that he vocalizes on social media, and he really, really hates conservatives. He frequently posts standard communist takes about how people who voted for Trump are responsible for illegal immigrants being temporarily separated from their children, and how he as a Jew is allowed to compare conservative politics to Nazism.

This is how he celebrated the Patriots 28-3 Super Bowl comeback win over the Falcons.

Seems like a fun person to hang out with.

In light of the Supreme Court ruling this week that didn’t go his way, Greg had a completely rational, grownup, and mature reaction by going on Facebook and announcing that he wanted to murder Justices Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh.


Yikes! Strong opinions women’s reproductive organs from a man who appears to be extremely unfamiliar with women’s anatomy.

He seems stable. I’d definitely want a guy with impulse control like this representing me in a wrongful termination lawsuit, or teaching my kid about Judaism.

He also misinterpreted this tweet from useless RINO Senator John Cornyn.

President Obama tweeted that the Dobbs decision was bad because it overruled Roe vs. Wade, and suggested that overruling 50 year old decisions was automatically a bad thing. Cornyn responded by pointing out that Brown vs. of Board of Education overruled Plessy vs. Ferguson, which effectively legalized segregation, so overruling previous decisions wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Anyone with a brain understood that he was saying that Plessy was a bad decision. But because the dumbest people in society have some of the biggest platforms on social media, they lost their minds about how Cornyn wanted to bring back segregation.

They’re just so transparently stupid and dishonest, and they don’t care because they know that the people who follow them are dumber than they are.

But Greg Sager is a lawyer, not some moron politician or podcaster, and he should’ve realized what this tweet meant more than anyone. Unfortunately he did not, and he went a step further by suggesting that killing Cornyn and people like him was the only option.

A woman named Nancy came along and tried to get him to calm down, because it’s a really bad look for a guy who teaches religion to children and represents a law firm to be openly talking about assassinating Supreme Court Justices on social media. He doubled down and went full Pelican Brief.

“Oh, I know what I’m saying.”

Wicked smart.

It’s also ironic that Greg Sager would be this brazen considering the fact that 4 years ago he was demanding that Donald Trump go to jail for 5 years for “threatening bodily harm” on Maxine Waters (which Trump never did) in response to Waters calling for bodily harm against Trump supporters.

Which of these does Greg Sager, in his brilliant legal opinion, believe is a more substantial threat?

“Be careful what you wish for.”

“The justices who voted for this need to be permanently eliminated.”

Tough one.

Of course the guy who is out here openly calling for the murder of SCOTUS Justices and an insurrection against democracy was previously featured in the Boston Globe for taking pretty pictures of sunsets at national parks and posting them on his Instagram.

Because, of course he was. The Globe loves turning deranged psychopaths who threaten to kill people over politics into community leaders because they take pictures of glaciers. Just ask Monica Cannon-Grant.

My question is, do Rodman Employment Law and Temple Shalom in Newton support employees and teachers who threaten to murder Supreme Court Justices? Greg is prominently featured on Rodman’s website, and has posted pictures with his students on Facebook.

Feel free to contact them yourself and ask:

Rodman Employment Law – Facebook, Facebook Reviews, Email, phone: (617) 820-5250

Temple Shalom – Facebook, Email: [email protected], phone: 617-332-9550

Greg Sager deserves to lose his job over this, especially since he is an active proponent of cancel culture. Why would any respectable law firm want to be associated with someone like this? What you post online reflects on your employer, but what Greg posted online was criminal and warrants a visit from the FBI. We have deranged people showing up at Brett Kavanaugh’s house with guns and detailed plans about how they’re going to murder him. When someone posts on Facebook that they want to shoot Samuel Alito in the head, you should take their word for it.

Throwing a hissy fit over this issue is one thing, but Greg Sager took it way, way far. He had the option to take it back and chose to double down. We get it, you’re emotional and have strong feelings about this, but so does the other side. They feel like they have the moral high ground and so do you. I know you think that it’s as simple as “I’m right because I care about people and they’re evil and wrong because they don’t,” but it’s just not that simple.

They also do this over literally every issue and argue that the previous rules of civility are null and void because THIS ISSUE is a life and death situation. The communist has always used the false flag of “violence” committed against them to justify their violence on others. The problem is that they’ve gotten so used to our side not fighting back, and they’re emboldened to keep doing it. The question is, will Rodman Employment Law and Temple Shalom see it that way if they receive hundreds of email, phone calls, and negative Facebook reviews about Greg Sager?




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