Newton City Councillors Promoting Lockdowns Organizes Massive Anti-Police Protest After Cops Kill Unhinged Man With Knife Threatening People


WCVBA community rally is planned after Newton police shot and killed a man who was armed with a knife. The 28-year-old man, who was not identified, died from injuries after being shot in his apartment by Newton police Tuesday afternoon, Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said. Ryan said incident began just before 1:45 p.m. when the man, who has known mental health issues, walked into a candy store below his apartment on Lincoln Street in the heart of Newton Highlands. Witnesses said a man who lives in one of the nearby apartment buildings walked into a candy store and told the female owner he was off his medication and wanted to show her something, pulling out a knife. Ryan said the man fled upstairs into his apartment. Officials said Newton police first deployed less-than-lethal force using a beanbag shotgun.

“One of the state troopers who had responded deployed a Taser, but both of those uses of non-lethal force was unsuccessful in subduing the suspect,” Ryan said.

Ryan said two Newton police officers later used their service weapons, striking the man carrying the knife. The man was rushed to Newton-Wellesley hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Ryan said. Several officers were also brought to the hospital for evaluation, Ryan said. The rally will be held at 4 p.m. near the Newton Police Department headquarters on Washington Street.

Thank God it was white guy. Know how I know it was a white guy? Because they haven’t said it was a white guy. If he were black you’d know by now, and this would be a much bigger story. Almost like some lives matter more to the media than others.

The police should be commended for doing what they could to attempt to avoid killing this man. They even brought a mental health clinician with them, which BLM supporters believe can magically talk down mentally unstable individuals. The deceased was armed with a knife and dangerous enough to warrant the shopkeeper to call the cops. They could not leave that apartment without the mentally unstable man with a knife in their custody. Had they done so he likely would’ve killed an innocent human being. They tried their best but the man was intent on dying and ran at the cops with a knife. They protected themselves and the community while also giving this guy what he wanted – death by police. It’s unfortunate for his family, but there’s literally nothing that could be done. It’s also a tragedy for the police, who take no joy in killing people and will be forever damaged because of it.

Case closed.

Except this is Newton and the cops are now being blamed by a bunch of elected officials who are organizing a protest at 4 PM today outside Newton police headquarters. Meet Bill Humphrey.

Awesome haircut.

Bill is a Newton City Councillor who was featured on TB in 2018 when he blamed the police in Mashpee after career criminal gang banger Mickey Rivera attempted to evade cops there and ended up killing a two tour veteran on the way home from visiting his wife and three day old daughter in the hospital:

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He didn’t blame the career criminal who killed the man and was out on bail, or the judge who reduced bail from $35K to $1K. He blamed the cops because he believes all cops are bastards. His words, not mine.

Bill hasn’t said a word thanking Newton police for protecting taxpayers from this dangerous man, nor has he attempted to find out why deadly force was necessary. Nevertheless he’s blaming the cops because he says it was containable, and claims they didn’t have to use deadly force.

“They were not the appropriate people to resolve it.”

A lunatic is threatening people with a knife and the cops aren’t the ones to call? Maybe they should’ve called a mental health clinician? Oh wait, they did that too and it failed. I guess he wants the mental health clinician to go alone next time and hope they don’t get stabbed while trying to reimagine policing. Lots of people would sign up for that job.

Bill is helping to organize a rally today at 4 PM across from the police station to protest the cops.

So he wants a bunch of people to gather in large groups and defy the governor’s orders not to allow more than 25 people at an outdoor event, which Bill himself was promoting.

Same guy who tweeted that people had to “stop living their lives,” and told them not to leave their homes or gather in groups.

But he’s organizing and attending an anti-police rally when cases have never been higher because nobody actually is scared of coronavirus, and the ones telling you to stay home are the same people spreading it. And just so we are clear, he wants your kids to be denied an in-person education while he and a bunch of other adults who support forcing your kids to learn by staring at a computer all day, gather in a park together.

Then there’s nudnik.


I am so excited to announce that I will be running for Newton City Council At-Large (Ward One) in our upcoming special…

Posted by Madeline Ranalli on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Madeline Renalli is 2019 Newton North graduate attending Harvard. She is running for City Council and wants to let you know that she has ovaries and agrees that they should be there, which is why she lists her preferred pronouns in her Twitter bio. She is also a lockdown promoter who will be attending the anti-police rally. It’s OK though because they will be wearing masks.

Masks don’t work in schools which is why they can’t open, but they do work when you’re protesting. It’s science. Just shut up and stop killing people.

She also attended the huge BLM protests in June, and put out a couple tweets that will go down in the White Guilt Hall of Fame.

She urged protesters not to tell the police to “have a good night” or “stay safe,” because she would prefer all cops be killed.

This dope running for City Council will also be there.

These people hate the police and your children. They support dangerous criminals and adults who wish to harm your children by denying them an education. And every single time you vote for a democrat this is what you are endorsing.


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