Newton City Councilor Upset With Boston College Football Players For Celebrating Win Without Social Distancing Despite Massive BLM Protests In Newton


Alicia Bowman is a City Councilor from Newton.

Newton is basically just Cambridge with hills, and so to get elected in this wealthy Boston mega-suburb being woke is a prerequisite. Black lives matter sign in yard, pink pussy hats, and meaningless virtue signaling about trans rights are examples of acceptable ways to do this.

Here is Newton’s very diverse elected delegation on Inauguration Day.

It simply doesn’t get any whiter than that.

This is a city where the Mayor forced a firehouse to take down a thin red line flag, honoring amongst others the 9 Worcester firefighters who have died in the last 20 years. It’s also the same city that elected a boys regular chud to the City Council after he blamed Cape Cod police after a career criminal killed a new father while attempting to run away from the police two years ago.

Boston College is in Newton and over the weekend they won a sportball match, prompting them to do what mediocre teams normally do after defeating 1-3 bootleg schools by 3 points – celebrate like they just won the Super Bowl.

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Since Alicia is about as fun as one armed back alley abortionist, she decided that she would take offense to the sight of this diverse group of 20 year olds who are at zero risk of dying from COVID, celebrating their youth and not living in fear.

As many people pointed out, BC football players are regularly tested and haven’t had any positive cases.

The coronabros and Karens like Alicia Bowman don’t like hearing good news though, which is why they intentionally seek out fear porn that suggests that the good news they just read is actually fake news.

“Chance of false negatives.”

Ignore all those negative test results for COVID. There’s a chance they could be false! But when data comes back that shows positive test results are increasing they take is as gospel.

These are the same people who find out that zero children have died from COVID in Massachusetts and move the goal posts by saying, “Yea but, we don’t know the side effects it could have down the road.” Anything to fear monger and give them an excuse to grant themselves unlimited power to shut down everything just because they can. She made that pretty clear with this retweet.

Everything you see and hear is political and revolves around the end goal of making sure Donald Trump and all republicans lose on November 3. In order to do that they have to make it seem like 200K people have died because Trump didn’t lock down the country for long enough, therefore if you elect democrats they will strip you of liberty and leisure in order to make sure that the morbidly obese don’t get a virus instead of encouraging them to exercise.

Alicia describes herself as an optimistic problem solver in her candidate bio.

And in this case the solution to the problem is to never have anything fun ever again while she attempts to refute any piece of optimistic news.

They lie like this because it works, and lots of people fall for it. This is Needham-Newton Chamber of Commerce President Greg Reibman.

If cuckhold had a face.

The Chamber is supposed to exist to promote and help local businesses, and the last thing they should be doing is looking to push for more lockdowns. Of course that’s exactly what Greg did.

Never mind your run of the mill idiots who claim that they’re too scared to hug their parents and blame other healthy college students from celebrating together.

Meanwhile, Alicia Bowman hasn’t said a word about any of the protests that have occurred in town, featuring thousands of people jam packed together, many of who were not wearing masks.

Luckily COVID only spreads when people are having fun and hugging each other, and doesn’t spread c*** to c*** so none of these people have anything to worry about.


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