Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller Says Man Who Slaughtered 3 Elderly People In Their Sleep Came From Wonderful Family And We Let Him Down


Over the weekend 97 year old Lucia Arpino, her 73 year old daughter Jill D’Amore, and 74 year old son in law Bruno D’Amore were all stabbed to death inside their Newton home in a botched home invasion early Sunday morning. The couple never showed up to a 50th anniversary celebration which prompted the wellness check. A 41 year old neighbor named Chris Ferguson has been charged with murdering them after police obtained surveillance video from a home on Albemarle Road showing him walking with no shirt or shoes in that area at 5:20 a.m. (Something State Police and Canton PD never bothered doing to investigate the murder of John O’Keefe.)


According to people we spoke with from Newton, Chris Ferguson was well known as a ticking time bomb to both residents and police. Yet Mayor Ruthanne Fuller and others in the overwhelmingly liberal community are treating him like a victim.

“It’s increasingly clear that the alleged perpetrator who is a Newtonian from a wonderful family clearly suffered over many years with mental illness and our system let him down,” said Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller.

Imagine your elderly parents and grandmother were slaughtered in their sleep, and the only thing the Mayor of your city has to say are nice things to say about the murderers family, and that it’s partly your fault for “letting him down.”

I don’t doubt that this guy is insane, because the crime he was committed was not something a sane person does. He stabbed the 97 year old 32 times, including in the face. But what the hell is wrong with this Mayor to make a statement like that before the real victims had a chance to be buried? How insensitive can you be?

Ferguson has a previous A&B charge from 2005 that was dropped, but no other charges in Newton District Court.

He previously worked at a school in Framingham but resigned in March.

Apparently the Framingham Public Schools don’t do any sort of background search and will hire anyone, regardless of whether or not they’re dealing with mental illness and are a danger to the public.

The bottom line is that our system didn’t let down Chris Ferguson, it let down¬†Lucia Arpino, Jill D’Amore, Bruno D’Amore, and everyone who loved them. He inflicted unspeakable damage despite never accessing a firearm, and the people around him having knowledge of his alleged mental health struggles. I won’t pretend to know all the details, and maybe they tried to get him help and he wouldn’t go along with it. But the time for discussing that is down the road, not in the immediate aftermath of his arrest.



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