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Nike Pulls Betsy Ross American Flag Shoes On 4th Of July Weekend Because Colin Kaepernick Thinks It’s Racist


Nike has apparently decided that patriotism and the 4th of July are racist, because the Wall Street Journal yesterday broke the news that their new sneakers with the Betsy Ross American flag on it has been pulled by request of Colin Kaepernick.

I don’t know what’s more insane about this:

  1. The fact that Nike is saying that the Betsy Ross American flag is offensive on 4th of July weekend
  2. The fact that an unemployed quarterback is now making executive decisions for Nike.

Nike signs some of the top athletes to help sell their products, but they pay Colin Kaepernick more than anyone even though he doesn’t play football. Essentially they’ve become a full time activist company, and are beholden to this one guy who admittedly doesn’t vote, and doesn’t understand why he’s protesting in the first place. Kaepernick, whose understanding of American history likely comes from his activist girlfriend, has decided that the Betsy Ross American flag is racist because it was designed during a time when slavery was legal. I’m assuming that democracy will be banned next, since that too came about during a time when slavery was legal.

Had Kaepernick actually studied American history he would know that many of the Founding Fathers wanted to eradicate slavery. But the fact of the matter was that they could not defeat England without the support of southern colonies who would not support the movement for independence if abolition was a part of that. However, the founders knew that creating a Bill of Rights, and an amendable Constitution would make the eradication of slavery possible down the road, which is exactly what happened.

In a sane world everyone would throw their hands up in there and mock Nike for such a silly decision. Instead the blue checkmarks on Twitter are cheering it on. Their reasoning is amazing.

It’s been “appropriated” by extremist groups. In other words, they have completely ceded patriotism to groups they consider to be hateful. Even you’re a liberal and this is something you agreed with, why would you allow a group you consider to be hateful to essentially own this remarkable piece of American history? What if they start embracing vaccines too? Is the far left going to stop vaccinating? Madness.

This is the 4th of July weekend, a time when all Americans come together and celebrate our country’s birth. I’m sure many right wing hate groups will be celebrating this as well, so does that mean people who stand against hate have to stop celebrating because it’s been appropriate as well? See how dumb this game is?

Also this.


Brainwashed social justice warriors are no longer just on college campuses. They have graduated and are now running some of the most powerful corporations in the world. But unlike with Facebook and Twitter, Nike has competitors. I will admit that Nike is my favorite brand of clothing, but if given the choice now I’ll buy other brands now.

P.S. We’ve changed all of our Facebook profile pictures to this and so should you. God bless America.


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