No Adults Break Up Simultaneous Everett High School Fights But At Least The School Has An Equity Officer


A synchronized doubles fight at Everett High School today was caught on film and made the rounds on social media today and no adults were around to break it up.

Some may have pity for the girl in the blue, but she clearly swung first and chose to engage in a fight with a girl who was 5 or 6 weight classes above her.

Not sure why these kids weren’t in class, but if they were skipping physics class I will allow it because all parties involved learned a valuable lesson about Newton’s laws of motion. For instance, an object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it, as GED Jenny found out the hard way when Chelsea Cheesecake tossed her around like an unloved foster child who asked for more porridge.

This might be the first girl fight I’ve ever seen without any hair pulling, because Chelsea Cheesecake didn’t need to pull GED Jenny’s hair when she could drag her by the hoodie, and repeatedly smash her head into the wall.

I think we all know which one’s gonna be working the door at The Squire in 10 years and which one’s gonna be working inside.

There was nary an adult in sight, but there were plenty of kids with cell phones looking to go viral on World Star.

Meanwhile GED Jenny was learning another valuable physics lesson – there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. For instance, when Chelsea Cheesecake stands you up and smashes your head against the wall, it will bounce back.

And let’s also not forget that the force on an object is equal to its mass times its acceleration. So if GED Jenny weighs 95 pounds and Chelsea Cheesecake weighs two hundo, then she finna suplex you while exerting less joules than it takes to do 5 jumping jacks.

Usually these fights get broken up when a bunch of teachers or administrators come running out of the rooms and pull everyone apart, which is why you always missed the good fights in high school. But nowadays they just let the McRatchets keep going until one of them is crowned Princess Slapaho. Eventually the kids watching and filming this ritual go down realized they weren’t yet ready to witness their first Everett murder, and they ordered the fight to end as GED Jenny was being treated like a free spirited Muslim woman who wouldn’t marry the village elder for 3 goats.

We published a blog last year about then Everett High School Vice Principal Cory McCarthy, a communist with a history of tweeting racist things while working remotely who acts like Monica Cannon-Grant and is rewarded with diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting gigs.


Like many who subscribe to critical race theory, Cory believes the cops are all racist, and spreads disinformation about the police being created to catch runaway slaves.

A quick Google shows that the police already existed in northern states that didn’t comply with southern states who wanted them to round up runaway slaves, which is why the Fugitive Slave Act was passed in the 1850’s. The police were created in urban areas to apprehend criminals, which is what they still do today.

The 1829 Metropolitan Police Act created a modern police force by limiting the purview of the force and its powers, and envisioning it as merely an organ of the judicial system. Their job was apolitical; to maintain the peace and apprehend criminals for the courts to process according to the law

For his racism Cory McCarthy was given a promotion with a completely made up taxpayer funded job just for him called “Chief Equity Officer.”

Because how could schools function without a bloated administration that contains a six figure salaried Chief Equity Officer?

Cory McCarthy and administrators who subscribe to his brand of communism believe that the presence of police officers in public schools is a danger to kids because cops are the enemy, and children of color should be scared of them. And while they sit in their offices and collect comfortable salaries to do….equity…this is what is happening in the hallways of Everett High School. It goes without saying that security is a much bigger threat to the safety of students than “systemic racism” could ever be.


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