No School Shooting At Everett High School Today, Man Who Spread Fear And Panic Is Suing Us For “Millions” For Talking About His Facebook Post


On a bright note, there was not school shooting at Everett High School today. Sadly, parents like Angelo Carbone, who spread hysteria and kept their children home from school, based on nothing more than a student writing words in the bathroom, all got played.

But I’ve seen a ton of comments from turtle riders along the lines of, “better safe than sorry,” and “any mention of a shooting at school my kid will not be there, and “I would argue after everything that has happened in school with shootings and all that if you send your kid to school the day it’s being threatened you don’t care about your child’s safety. These threats could be serious. Keeping your child home for one day isn’t going to ruin their education and might just save their life.”

I have a strongly worded rant coming on this during tomorrow’s live show, but here’s the gist of it:

  1. Your child isn’t in danger because another student wrote words in the bathroom. The other kid’s goal was to get a rise out of you and it worked.
  2. Not once has a school shooter ever told the entire school about it beforehand. I would imagine it defeats the purpose of a school shooting.
  3. Your child has a much better chance of dying on their way to school than they do getting shot at school. Yet if you didn’t allow your kid to ride in cars because “better safe than sorry,” then you’d rightfully be viewed as a crazy person.
  4. You’re basically encouraging kids to do this more often, and I wish you were all my parents growing up. I might do it every Thursday. It’s almost impossible to get caught and you get to miss school whenever you feel like it by simpy writing three words on a bathroom stall door.
  5. Most importantly, if you would keep your kids home from school over something like this, then Angelo here is your peer group:

Hey Angelo, if you would like to explain to us why we should take the blog down, or how you plan on suing us for millions of dollars because we discussed a Facebook post you made, feel free to call into the live show tomorrow night. I look forward to speaking with you then.

P.S. Considering how petrified he seems to be of gun violence, he’s the last person I would ever expect to have a copy of Shooting Magazine in the background of his “homeless guy tries on an oversized suit” glamour shot.

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