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Nonbinary Mendon BLT-123 Refuses To Apologize For Harassing, Blockading Mendon Subway Employees After Wrongly Accusing Them Of Racism


NBC News retracted their story in which they blindly took the word of BLM activist Kevin Wheeler when he claimed the Subway in Mendon refused to serve him because “we don’t serve your kind here.” In NBC’s follow up story they failed to point out that the owner reviewed footage and posted on Facebook about it, nor did they mention that none of this would’ve happened if we didn’t call him out on his lies. They also forgot to mention that Kevin Wheeler is suspected by police of cutting down the black lives matter sign at a local church.

Speaking of Kevin Wheeler, he’s now claiming that his statement that it was “misunderstanding” when he thought he heard the employee tell him that his kind wasn’t welcomed there, was forced upon him under the threat of legal action.


But the jig is officially up and no one believes him anymore, even the BLM activists who initially had his back.

People like Kevin Wheeler aren’t the real problem though. They would be powerless if mobs didn’t follow them around and harass local businesses like they did to the Mendon Subway. These people are the real problem.

Each and every one of them must apologize. They created a hostile atmosphere that prevented people from going to work and cost them several days’ pay. They did this because they are selfish narcissists who wanted to feel good about themselves. Last night on the Live show I demanded a public apology, or else I’d have no choice but to name and shame, so that they could get a taste of their own medicine. I’m a civil person by nature, but when you act in an uncivilized manner I will play on the battle field of your choice.

Many have come forward publicly and done the right thing.

Lesson learned. We all make mistakes. Hopefully they think about this the next time they see something on the Internet and blindly believe it.

However, others have not followed suit. This is Molly Christine Gould.

According to her she’s not at fault because the Subway was closed, which conveniently overlooks the fact that it was closed because of the fact that she was part of a mob that was there to intimidate workers on behalf of a man who lied about being denied service due to the color of his skin.

Molly, you are not special because you claim to support black lives. Get over yourself. We all “support” black lives. Some of us are able to be decent human beings without blockading a business after blindly believing a lie.

She’s also refusing to admit it was a lie, and now claims it might’ve been a “genuine misunderstanding.”

  1. It wasn’t a misunderstanding. “We don’t serve your kind” is not a phrase you can mishear. If he thought they said that he would’ve said something. Instead he went on his iPhone, made up a story, and cried about his feelings like the 290 pound fragile baby that he is.
  2. You were met with anger and vitriol because you blindly believed a lie, acted upon that lie, and in the process harmed minimum wage workers and a small business owner. You are not the victim here, you are the victimizer.
  3. Mike Brown wasn’t murdered, he absolutely deserved to die, and the world is a better place without him.

These simple minded racist white Becky’s don’t seem to think that a franchise in Mendon is a small business either.

And she’s laughing that she cost them several days of revenue. This is funny to her.

Her friends agreed that Subway was probably lying.

Oh look, the woman from the Mitt Romney Christmas card is still victim blaming.

Burn in Hell Becky.

My personal favorite defense of Kevin Wheeler was that a misunderstanding is a microaggression.

Can’t make this stuff up.

Molly actually called out people who didn’t protest, and criticized employees who showed up to defend themselves at the protest.

Her degree from Lesley University is really paying off.

Molly is the complete SJW package. She uses her privilege to help bail rioters out of jail.

Shares discredited stories about the Boston Police smashing their own cruiser.

Wants to abolish the police and will erase anyone form her friend’s list who doesn’t agree with her that murderers and rapists should be let out of prison.

She wants to assault and batter people who don’t wear masks.

Takes the right wing approach towards hating organized labor.

Thinks that global warming is racism.

Doesn’t cater to “white fragility” while supporting a 290 pound man who cried in his car like a fragile child after fabricating a story about racism.

Wants to meet some prison friends.

Doesn’t believe in penetration.

And is exploring some new pronouns to find out if maybe she’s a dude, or something.

She was also joined by Sarah Mason Douglas, who was upset that the victim didn’t join the protest against himself.

It’s one thing when young people do shit like this. What’s Linda Larson Kyne’s problem?

Stay off the Internet grandma.


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