North Andover Pediatrician Lies To Divorced Parents To Try To Vaccinate Their 15 Year Old Son


This is Elisabeth Winterkorn, a pediatrician from Concord, MA.

She works at Children’s Medical Office in North Andover and is a political activist who supports various communist groups like black lives matter.

We spoke with a parent who co-parents their 15 year old son with his ex-wife. According to him Dr. Winterkorn has a bad habit of lying in order to vaccinate children against the will of their parents:

On Tuesday February the 14th my father took my 15 year old son for a routine physical at children medical in North Andover. During the physical Dr Elisabeth Winterkorn spoke with him about getting the COVID vaccine, knowing he just had COVID 4 weeks prior and has immunity through antibodies. She then proceeded to call his mother and asked if she could vaccinate him. His mother replied she would prefer him not to, but you can ask his father. The doctor then called me proceeded to lie and say “I spoke with his mother and she said it’s ok with her if it’s ok with you.” I immediately knew that sounded suspicious, knowing my ex wife’s stance on the vaccine. My reply was “my answering is no regardless.” She then proceeded to ask me my reasoning for not having him vaccinated. I replied that I don’t need a reason why. We live in the United States of America where I have the freedom of choice. She then proceeded to get nasty with me saying my son is putting others at risk and talking down to me as if she is so above me because she is an MD. I looked into her and sure as shit she is an ultra liberal democrat clearly abusing her power as a doctor to guilt and shame people into vaccinating their children. 

I spoke with the mother who confirmed this story, and also told me that Dr. Winterkorn told her that she was “putting everyone’s life at risk” by not forcing her child to take an unnecessary experimental vaccine that does nothing to stop the spread of COVID. She said that his grandfather was not in the room with her son when the doctor tried to coerce the child into getting the vaccine as well. He didn’t know what to say.

Doctors are not employed by Big Pharma, and it’s not their job to sell vaccines to people who don’t ask for them. A healthy 15 year old who’s already had COVID doesn’t need the vaccine because COVID was never a threat to him. His body literally killed off the virus on its own a month ago. Yet here is this alleged medical professional trying to play one parent off the other, and putting a child in an uncomfortable position of not knowing what to do with his own body. She’s not doing this because she believes he puts everyone’s life at risk by not getting a vaccine, she’s doing it because forcing the experimental vaccine on noncompliant people have become part of the communist/democratic party agenda. They think they’re smarter and better people than you, and they’ll point out that they went to Harvard so they’re smarter than you. But at the end of the day they’re just tyrants and bullies.

My question is, how many other divorced parents has she lied to in order to vaccinate their children against their will? People like this do not belong in medicine.


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