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North Attleboro Police Are Threatening To Have Me Arrested After Former Blogger And Quincy Woman Photoshop Fake Threats I Never Made On Facebook


Disclaimer – TB Daily News explicitly condemns any attempts to communicate with or harass any former bloggers, including the subject of this blog.

Hey guys, it’s almost 5 PM on a Friday, I haven’t published a blog yet, and I thought I’d let you know why. I’ve spent most of my day communicating back and forth with the North Attleboro Police, acquiring evidence to show that I’m being harassed so that I don’t end up getting arrested.

On Wednesday the Holden Police came to my house  45 minutes after I did this live press conference, announcing that our former blogger who shall not be named had taken down their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Discord) and that the ongoing harassment campaigns coming from those groups were ended.

Just minutes afterwards the former blogger went to Attleboro District Court and was granted a temporary harassment order against me.

I still have not seen the affidavit so I don’t know why it was granted. The hearing is at 11 AM on March 10, and I will be going prepared. Over the last two weeks I’ve been the victim of a vicious harassment campaign, organized by the former blogger in a social media app called Discord, and the truth will come out.

Within minutes of the harassment order being granted Josh Abrams did a live stream announcing that he knew about it already. At the 8:15 mark he threatens to reveal my address, but not the former blogger’s address, and vowed to come to my house to “audit” it.

Josh Abrams is a violent offender, recently released from jail after attempting to rape his ex-girlfriend. There is no way he could’ve found out about this on his own, and he admits he had it sent to him. He doesn’t reveal his source, but there were only two people who knew about the order – the former blogger and myself. It should be noted that the former blogger admitted in Discord that she regularly talks to the accused rapist Josh Abrams on the phone.

On Thursday a screenshot of a comment from the former blogger’s husband was posted in the comments underneath that video, on the Terrance Collie Facebook page. The comment accused the former blogger of yelling “I’ll kick your f***in dog,” before stepping in to protect the animal.

Despite not being tagged, and thus having no way to know that this screenshot was posted deep in a thread, Andrew H. Johnson responded within minutes, claiming that he was headed to the police.

I’ve never met or spoke to this man in my life. However, it should be noted that the former blogger revealed in Discord that she has access to his Facebook account.

One of the most avid participants in the Discord group is a woman named Judie Cole from Quincy, who goes by Klancy Cole on Facebook.

Judie began to dislike TB months ago due to the foul language from Mr. Bret Killoran on the live show. Last week she posted a link to a blog she published bashing Turtleboy, which she claimed was not actually written by her.

According to her it was written by a black man from Chicago named Stewart, who just so happened to show up on our Facebook page and spam the link.

I responded by saying, “Hi Judie,” and then received this message from Judie “Klancy” Cole, despite not tagging her (so she would have no way to know that I responded, unless she runs the Stewart account).

“Stewart” has 8 friends, and was created as alt account in 2014. Judie likely uses it to troll the Internet when she wants to pretend to be black.

Judie also claimed to know the identities of our bloggers, and said one of them called her.

Which of course is a lie.

Klancy also threatened to get Hadassah Robeson involved.

Judie is possibly a cat hoarder who doesn’t have any pictures of herself on Facebook. This is the only image that comes up when you search Judie Cole Quincy.

Yesterday Judie went to Quincy courthouse and attempted to follow suit and take out a harassment order against me. It was not granted. It is unknown if she was directed or urged to do so, but the timing of the harassment order the previous day is suspect.

This morning I received a phone call from Sgt. Roy at the North Attleboro Police Department. He informed me that the former blogger had come in on Thursday and complained that I had violated the harassment order by sending third parties to harass her on my behalf. I have done no such thing, and I explicitly have condemned any contact with her.

However, I am in danger of arrest because of that. If I get arrested for publishing this truthful blog, so be it. I am not violating the order, nor am I breaking the law. I am exercising my First Amendment rights in a free country. I am explaining to you the Hell this individual is putting me through, and how it’s affecting the blog overall. There is nothing this woman won’t do to harm me, my family, my reputation, my business, and the blog.

Today a Facebook account using the name John Navida showed up on the Terrance Collie page with a screenshot of a photoshopped post that I allegedly made, threatening anyone who took the side of the former blogger who is leading this harassment campaign.

I never posted that, and it’s an obvious photoshop. I was actually doing the live show last night at the time it was allegedly posted (10 PM). This was intentionally done to make it look like I was threatening people. But “John Navida” made a big mistake when he forgot to black out the name in the background, indicating his real identity:

Judie “Klancy” Cole. This is why old people shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet.

The former blogger could clearly see this as well and knew it wasn’t me who posted it. She may have urged Klancy to do this, since it seems odd that Klancy would do this on her own. But the former blogger took it to the NAPD again this afternoon as evidence of harassment, in an attempt to have me arrested. I spoke with Sgt Roy about it, informed him that it was photoshopped and that the former blogger was aware of that. He informed me that he told her that it was not enough to arrest. But I have no doubt she will keep trying. Anything to harm and silence me.

So this is what I’ve done all day. Sat here and wondered when I’d be arrested because a vindictive former blogger is attempting to frame me for fun. This former blogger knows I have information that I wish to publish pertaining to the issue, and the harassment order is simply a way to keep me from publishing it. The truth will come out in time, I just hope I don’t get arrested for posting this.


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