North End Restaurant Owner Jen Royle Harasses Hospital After Nurse Makes Critical Comment About Her Bizarre Business Tactics On Twitter 


Jen Royle is the owner of Table Boston, a family style restaurant in the North End that has been featured on TB Daily News several times before due to Jen’s online behavior. The blue checkmarked former media personality has a tendency shame people for using gift cards to her restaurant and doxes anyone who leaves a bad review.

In the latest episode of Jen Royle doing Jen Royle things, someone posted about the FBI being in the North End and asked if Jen called them about tables not being six feet apart, since she’s previously admitted to doing this to another business owner. A local nurse responded jokingly that Jen probably called the feds since she thinks she owns the North End now and made a crack about Jen not finishing culinary school. Of course Jen couldn’t ignore this comment from a stranger who she doesn’t follow and decided to lose her every loving mind as usual.

“Best restaurants in the city.”

Girl, you make strangers sit together to eat the eggplant casserole you made, and you rely on Dale Arnold, Jerry Thornton, Christian Fauria, and Tony Mazz to buy your overpriced slop and tweet about it in order to get free advertising.

This time she vowed to find out where the woman worked (a hospital) and began relentlessly harassing them about the horrible injustice of an employee joking about Jen’s insane antics on social media.

She eventually found out that the woman works at Boston Medical, where unlike Jen she’s been busy saving lives and making a difference in her community.

When the nurse protested Jen did what any rational person would do and called her a complete bitch using her business account.

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People attempted to tell her that it’s demented for someone with 31,000 followers to use their platform to post the personal information of someone for simply making a comment on Twitter. But in typical Jen Royle fashion she doubled down and refused to admit she did anything wrong.

And in the ultimate twist of irony she bragged that same night that she doesn’t rat on people.

Because Jen Royle is a lot of things, but she ain’t no snitch! Except for that time she snitched to the authorities about outdoor seating at other restaurants, or the time she snitched to a hospital about an innocuous comment made by a nurse on Twitter. Other than that she ain’t no rat. Plus her staff loves her. Even ask her.

The fact that no one has taken away this woman’s phone at this point is criminal. Doesn’t she have any friends who can help her out?

But according to her business has never been better, and she believes it’s because of her authenticity, not in spite of it.

But in reality the reason she stays afloat is because she gets former professional athletes she covered and media personalities she hasn’t burned bridges with to promote her for free.

This is an advantage other small business owners don’t have, and Jen continues to naively believe that these people go to her because she makes the best food in the North End. Sad.


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