North Providence Mask Hoarder Was Previously Charged With Animal Abuse And Many Other Crimes, Continues To Breed Pit Bulls With Criminal Husband


Kayla Pagliarin was featured in a blog earlier after the North Providence woman was attempting to sell hoarded masks to hospitals during the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

But her maiden is Kayla Card, and she has quite the assortment of Google trophies. As a matter of fact she is arguably one of the most prolific ratchets in Rhode Island. Where do we begin? Let’s start with the fact that she abuses dogs:

A woman who police say had surgical procedures conducted on several puppies at an East Providence car wash is facing criminal charges. East Providence police launched an investigation into Kayla Card in February after receiving a tip from the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA). RISPCA Animal Cruelty Officer Joe Warzycha said a case in Smithfield where hundreds of animals were found in squalid conditions back in March helped officers track down Card. According to the police report obtained by Eyewitness News, the RISPCA shared a log of messages between Card and a Smithfield man indicating she had eight puppies’ ears “cropped” at the Taunton Avenue car wash on at least two separate occasions.

“We can’t give out too many details but, the instrumentation that he’s used to perform these surgeries certainly would not be considered acceptable,” Warzycha said.

The police report describes ear cropping as a procedure in which a dog’s ears are cut off for aesthetic purposes. The conversations also described the removal of “cherry eye,” or a prolapsed tear duct near a dog’s eye. The report indicates the man told Card he charged $150 per dog for the “ear cropping” and $100 per eye for the removal of “cherry eye.” Police said Card was uncooperative when she was approached about the messages by an animal control officer.

Card told the officer she had the dogs’ ears cropped at a veterinary clinic in New Jersey, according to police. Police checked with the clinic and learned her name was not on the list of ear croppings performed there during the weekend she had indicated. Initially, she told police she did not know the man but eventually admitted to knowing him and said he was licensed to perform the procedures. Card, 28, of North Providence, was issued a summons for harboring three unlicensed dogs at the car wash and was charged with cruelty to animals, conspiracy, and obstructing police.

“She permitted her dogs to be subjected to suffering by allowing them to be operated on by an unlicensed veterinarian,” Warzycha said.

Card was arraigned on the charges in court Tuesday and ordered to surrender all of her dogs to police as a condition of her bail.

She posted this on the day she was arrested for it.

She planned on opening up a grooming salon before that called Sudz.

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But she can prove she’s not abusive because she takes pictures of her crotch fruit walking her pit bull (shocking she’s into pit bulls, I know) without becoming a Cujo snack.

Yet despite the court order for her to turn over her dogs, she still breeds pit bulls like it’s going out of style.

She’s also well versed in larceny, shoplifting, eviction, domestic violence, assault and battery, receiving stolen goods, warrants, and driving without a license.


When she was arrested in May of 2O18 on the animal abuse charge she was already on probation for the larceny charge, but somehow avoided jail time because, Rhode Island.

And of course the taxpayers funded her attorney.

She’s also been a codefendant with her husband William “Billy” Pagliarini, a bad Zangief knockoff who feels the need to posse in hardo face in every photograph he’s ever taken.

Billy Pags also has Google trophies galore ranging from personal injury, personal injury involving a vehicle, restraining order, small claims judgements, possession of drugs in a school zone, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, assault and battery, preventing a victim from using a phone, violation of a no contact order, vandalism, and of course not paying his oil bills.





Although Kayla’s biggest crime is arguably the Whoopi Goldberg cultural appropriation haircut.

To the surprise of no one she tried and failed as the bottom brick of a pyramid scheme.

She’s appears to be one of those coupon freaks who dedicates their entire lives to saving 45% at the grocery store and stocking up the basement for nuclear Armageddon.

But according to a 2O16 post the toilet paper is not for sale.

That is until she can take advantage of a national emergency.

She can’t seem to understand why people are upset with her selfish actions.

Here’s an idea – maybe some people aren’t soulless twats who see worldwide plagues as an opportunity to profit.

According to her she’s made it in life after becoming 15 and pregnant.

“Excuses didn’t get me to where I am today, excuses didn’t pay the bills….”

Well, according to the court records no one paid the bills, and where you are today is on Turtleboy. Other than that life is going swimmingly for sure.


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