Northampton Antifa Woman Looking For Therapist Who Takes Mass Health And Specializes In Whiteness And White Supremacy


This is Aschleigh Jensen, a local Antifa from Northampton.

She is looking for some help finding a therapist with very strict requirements.


She’s on taxpayer funded healthcare.

Most of our tax revenue in this state comes from white people.

She needs therapy to help her deal with the trauma of white supremacy and whiteness, which is paying for her healthcare.

Luckily for her Didi Delgado is still around. She’s not a licensed therapist, but she will bill you by the hour to explain how you too can get white people to pay you weekly reparations for the sins of other people’s ancestors.

These people are funny to laugh at and everything, but the scary part is that they actually have political influence. Local governments listened to their demands last summer to defund the police:

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Good job BLM. We don’t need cops anyway because Officer Aschleigh will help respond to domestic violence calls moving forward.

“Convince them they are safe coming to you first and maybe they won’t call the police.” – Someone who has never been the victim of domestic violence.

Who needs police when you can just phone a friend?

She also subscribes to Tucker Carlson’s white supremacist theory of voter replacement.

This is what your brain looks like on critical race theory.

I don’t know what any of that means and neither does she because they just throw a bunch of buzzwords in a blender and spew whatever comes out. But this is what your kid’s education is going to look like if you don’t stand up to critical race theory. If they could convince adults who run towns and cities that getting rid of the police is a good idea then think how easy it will be to brainwash your children.


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