Northampton Business Owner Smears Northampton Restaurant Owner For Allowing Mask To Go Below Nose Despite Cheering On Protests All Month


Jordana Starr is the owner of Beerology in Nothampton.

Seeing as she resides in the Cambridge of the West, she subscribes to all SJW virtue signaling principles. But her big cause is obsessing over COVID-19.

She raved about protesters in early May gathering at the Statehouse, and wrongly predicted that a huge outbreak would result from it.

Yet as soon as George Floyd was killed she immediately started posting about the importance of protesting and the evils of the police.

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“While righteousness of a cause is a factor in deciding whether or not to be part of a crowd….”

Translation – only the causes I believe are righteous are worth protesting for. People like her pretended like they believed that COVID would kill us all if we didn’t socially distance, but clearly they didn’t really believe it. If they did then they’d be losing their minds every time they see a protest with 50,000 people, instead of a protest with 500 people.

You would think that the owner of a brewery and pancake joint would be sympathetic with local businesses affected by the lockdown though.

However, over the weekend she decided to use her platform to smear another local business owner from the HighBrow Wood Fired Kitchen + Bar because he posted a picture of himself with his mask below his nose.

Good thing the virus will magically disappear when the clock strikes 2021. Then she’ll be able to grace us with her beautiful presence once again.

Here’s an idea though – if you’re that outraged about a local business owner who was just shut down by the government for three months because he chooses not to live in fear and his mask accidentally slipped off his face, then perhaps you should be slightly more outraged that mobs of thousands of people all over the country are gathering in groups to protest, riot, and loot.

Oh, and try not to smear a local business owner if you own one yourself. Especially if your Facebook page is wide open.


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