Northampton Teachers Post Incessantly On Facebook During School Hours Accusing Parents Of Bullying And Trying To Kill Them By Wanting To Return To School


Jean Flegenheimer and Mae Wallace are elementary school teachers in Northampton.

They’re also both outspoken advocates for not going back to work to earn the money the taxpayers give them, and often spread fear porn and misinformation in order to hold the public hostage because they don’t have little kids themselves who are being denied an education.

Yes, stop thinking about the children and start thinking about the adults. That’s what education is really about.

Jean posted that she doesn’t want parents to “use kids as an excuse for in class learning.”

Us silly parents with our “excuses.” My 5 year old yesterday asked me when coronavirus is going to be over and I didn’t have the strength to tell her that it’s whenever the teacher’s union feels like going back to work again. She has no friends, because you can’t make friends on a Zoom call, but she did name a couple kids who she wants to be friends with. She just has to be able to talk to them first, preferably in person. But, who cares about her suffering and lack of emotional development right? These are just excuses.

I hear from a lot of teachers that remote learning is even more work for them than in person learning, even though they no longer have to waste time driving to and from school. Yet Jean has time to post all day on Facebook, while allegedly working so hard as a remote learning teacher. Yesterday she blamed “loud parents” who want her to go back to work, asked parents to speak out about what a great job she’s doing by not going into work, and basically pleaded for her life because she will almost definitely die if she has to go to work.

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She posted this in almost a dozen different groups yesterday during school hours.

On Friday October 2 she posted at 10:04 AM about how this is Trump’s fault.

On Tuesday October 6 she posted about voting Trump out at 10:42 AM.

And she likes and comments on posts in community groups all hours of the day.

All this while whining that she doesn’t get paid as much as cops and firefighters because she’s a woman.

Or, maybe it’s because your contract pays you to work 183 days a year. And unlike teachers, first responders continue to work through the pandemic despite coming in contact with volatile and sick people on a daily basis. Hell, my dentist worked through the “pandemic” despite doing a job in which every single person he sees will be breathing directly onto him.

Even in the far left radical world of Northampton parents there have reached their breaking point with the disaster that is remote learning.

But despite the fact that these are the people who pay their salaries, Mae and Jean insisted that they were wrong……during the school day!

Mae accused parents of being selfish for putting her life “at risk” because they want their children to receive an education. She even accused parents of bullying her.

While on the clock.

A group of people nobody talks about in all this are the lunch ladies (and gentlemen) who are out of work due to schools being closed. Over the summer Mae decided that she would lead a smear campaign to get one of these employees in Amherst fired for expressing conservative opinions on the Internet.

Apparently memes like this are grounds for termination.

But refusing to do your job while you sit on Facebook, accuse parents of bullying you, and shame them for wanting their kids to get an education, is perfectly permissible.

And since she bragged about making this lunch lady famous….

I thought it would be appropriate to show her what that feels like.


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