Northampton Women Organize Harassment Campaign Against Businesses That Won’t Ban Unvaccinated Customers


This is Kyle Anderson, the General Manager at the Dirty Truth craft beer bar and restaurant in Northampton.

His business voluntarily decided to institute the racist policy of banning the unvaccinated (BIPOC people are disproportionately unvaccinated, and vaccine mandates are the New Jim Crow). However, it’s not enough that his restaurant chose to ban people based on their healthcare choices, he wants others in the miniature Cambridge, communist paradise of Western Massachusetts to be forced to do the same:

A proposal to require everyone 5 and older to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 before entering restaurants, bars, gyms and other indoor businesses in the city drew more than 300 people to the Board of Health’s emergency meeting Tuesday night. The city’s Health Department released a draft of the proposed order earlier Tuesday that defines full vaccination as both shots in a two-shot series — or one shot of Johnson & Johnson vaccine — plus a booster shot if eligible. Anyone 18 and older would have to show ID in addition to their vaccination record. The businesses that must abide by the order would include all indoor dining establishments, bars, nightclubs, catering halls, hotel banquet rooms, gyms and fitness centers, dance and yoga/Pilates studios, concert venues, museums, bowling alleys, adult entertainment locations, arcades and pools, among others. Businesses would have to enforce the order themselves and post a notice about the vaccine requirement. The order would apply to all workers at the covered businesses, as well.

The overwhelming majority of those who spoke at the virtual meeting were against the draft order. Resident James Boddy said he is vaccinated but is “adamantly opposed to a vaccine mandate.” He said the city has a reputation for tolerance of different viewpoints, which should extend to the “minority” who choose to go unvaccinated for personal reasons. A mandate, he said, would disproportionately affect marginalized communities and children.

Many called the mandate “discriminatory” due to racial disparities in vaccination rates and because there are no exemptions for religious and medical reasons, while others said it would make them feel more comfortable patronizing city businesses.

“We don’t need concerts right now. We want them. We don’t need to eat indoors right now. We want to,” Colin Ward, a local guitarist and music teacher, said. “Public health is way more important than the profit of a few small business owners who (disagree with the mandate). … It’s a pandemic. It’s crazy time and nothing is normal about what we’re dealing with, what we’re going through, and how some of us are acting.”

On Dec. 21, The Dirty Truth craft beer bar and restaurant on Main Street became what appears to be the first business in Northampton to announce a vaccine mandate of its own for customers. General manager Kyle Anderson said “we’re still in the thick” of the pandemic and it didn’t make sense to wait for the city to impose a mandate.

“It just had to be done,” Anderson said during an interview on Tuesday. “I don’t feel like an individual restaurant should be the one leading that … but if we can help other people feel comfortable, and get the Board of Health having these emergency meetings, then great.”

The profit of a few small businesses? Oh, you mean their livelihoods. I wouldn’t expect a man who sucks off the government tit to understand where money comes from or how a business works.

It’s not enough to just not do business at restaurants like this. You must actively go on the offense against them. Remember, these people would gladly ban you from eating out, sending your kids to school, and making a living. They want to hurt you, and “I just won’t go there” isn’t the way you fight back against them. Feel free to leave a review on their Facebook page to remind any would be customers that the Dirty Truth is a racist and discriminatory institution. Their reviews are open.

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The ironic part is that this same restaurant last year whined about COVID restrictions and begged people to give them pity cash.

Don’t worry, it’s just the profit of a small business. They’ll survive without any revenue coming in. That’s how an economy works.

Another restaurant that announced they’d be requiring vaccine ID to eat there is The Roost coffee shop. Feel free to flood this racist establishment with appropriate reviews on their Facebook page.

This is Chelsea Kline, the woman who’s excited about a vaccine mandate at a coffee shop:

Went to Smith, studied Gender in college, bought her son Arlo a replica penis for Christmas when he was 4, and has pronouns in her bio. By rule she is not allowed to shave her pits.


She’s also a conspiracy theorist, since she doesn’t believe that the vaccine works. If she did then she would have nothing to fear since she’s fully vaxxed, boosted, and clearly eats healthy. She just doesn’t want to eat dinner around black people.

Pits McGee isn’t the only one pushing that her town force small business owners to discriminate and cut themselves off from paying customers either. This is “Reverend” Laura Bogart.

Nuff said.

Laura lives on stolen Nipmuc land, but refuses to give any of it back to the Native Americans because doing so would require personal sacrifice on her part.

She also imprisons animals that would much rather be living in the wild.

She works for the Massachusetts Library System, whose Facebook page can be found here.



Laura has been leading a campaign to attack local businesses that do not discriminate against black people, because she is a white supremacist.

Her vaccine and boosters are what keeps her healthy if she gets COVID. Not the fact that she’s young and and not obese. She’s really worried about passing it onto babies though, who have never been in danger of dying from the virus.

White supremacists like this all want the police to be fully defunded, while living in safe, affluent white communities.

Meanwhile, polls show that black people by and large oppose defunding the police, because it’s a horrible idea that is only championed by white communists like Laura Bogart who don’t have to live with the consequences of defunding the police.

She’s also a mask conspiracy theorist who suddenly realized that face diapers don’t work against the Omicron variant, which still has killed less Americans than Alec Baldwin.

Another woman leading the boycott of businesses for not banning black people is Jordanna Starr.

You may remember her from last year when she was featured on TB for attacking a local restaurant owner because his mask (which Reverend Laura now says didn’t work anyway) fell below his nose.


What is it with these people and bunnies?

Jordana owns a local brewery called Beerology, that discriminates against the unvaccinated. It’s not enough that she chooses to do this though, she wants other small businesses to be forced to do the same. Feel free to leave them a review here.

Remember – these people don’t want you to be able to eat or go to school. They are not people you can just disagree with, they are your enemies and they must be treated like that. When our team obtains power they must be banned from polite society and not allowed to do any of the things they want to ban you from doing. Then they’ll finally realize how horrible they are.


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