Northborough Bakery Owner Who Made Thousands By Pretending To Be Attacked For Supporting LGBT Community Is A Trump Supporter Who Frequently Mocks Transgender People On Facebook


Last week we published a blog about a woman named Diana Batista, whose business Main Street Pastries and More in Northborough was getting lots of new business after she sought out media attention by claiming that customers were not picking up their orders because she supported the LGBT community.

Nobody in the media questioned her, she received lots of free publicity, and had lines out the door. But as it turns out she actually doesn’t support the T in LGBT very much at all. Here’s a collection of her Facebook posts on that subject.

To be clear, I agree with her 1,000% on everything she posted. These should not be controversial takes, but the fact of the matter is that the woke mob doesn’t stand for it.

And ya know what? I actually respect this woman more now. Sure, she’s completely full of crap, but I have to tip my hat to her grift. The LGBT is the exact opposite of “marginalized” in our society. They’re commercialized and mainstreamed, and thus pretending to be attacked for being an “ally” during Pride month is brilliant marketing, which ended up working out perfectly.

“It blew Christmas out of the water, in just one day,” she said, selling a total of 752 bagels on just that Wednesday. 

“I was not prepared for that,” she said about the outpouring of support, some customers even showing up in rainbow-colored clothing — something that she continues to see today. 

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Many people are buying gift cards and sending them to others, she said. One woman even called in to donate two dozen cupcakes to both the police and fire departments. Town Administrator John Coderre and Assistant Town Administrator Becca Meekins came by to show their support, along with Ben Downing, a former Massachusetts senator who’s currently running for governor in the 2022 race. 

People from as far away as New Zealand have called to offer their support, said Batista, and a librarian from Dallas bought a $50 gift certificate to donate to the staff at the Northborough Free Library. 

“We’ve had busloads of people driving from New York, Ohio — you name it,” she said. 

Brilliant. Just look at these self-satisfied morons in their “ally” shirts feeling good about themselves. They have no idea they’re giving their money to someone on my team who is playing them like a fiddle.

I messaged Diana over the weekend and she told me that she actually had no idea if she lost 11 orders because she supports gay people. She also said she voted for Donald Trump and was victimized for that too, but wouldn’t come on the Live Show because she’d actually have to answer tough questions from a real reporter.

I bet the woman in the rainbow “ally” shirt feels much better now that she drove all the way from Milford to support a business owner who voted for the man she considers to be the anti-Christ.

In a local town Facebook group some of the citizens did find her posts though and couldn’t believe they’d been duped! They also accused her of reselling cookies from Price Chopper in order to maximize profits from all the SJW business that was rolling in.

Oh, and this same exact story happened in Texas a few weeks ago which got national attention.

Step 1 – self-victimize.

Step 2 – profit.

They’re really mad that she used their own playbook against them.

“Maybe she changed her opinion from the wrong opinion to the right opinion, which makes me feel like less of an idiot.”

There is also speculation that the “Hope Bread” charity she runs is just a way to funnel more money into her struggling business.

But that’s just speculation. Hadassah Robeson would be jealous. It’s not like Diana Batista is a liar who will lie and play off people’s emotions in order to maximize her profits. Not at all.


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