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Northbridge Police Charge Innocent Man With Felony After Being Catfished On Snapchat, Entering Home Full Of Children, Waiting For 15 Minutes


Last week a Northbridge mother of 3 named Tarah Schweitzer was in her backyard when her 3 kids told her that a man had come into their house for 15 minutes, did nothing, and left.

It gets crazier. For the 16 minutes he was there the man went up the stairs, stood outside a room where a child was napping, looked out the window, said nothing as a 7 year old and her cousin walked by him twice without reacting, patted the dog, stared at another kid, left, and the mother understandably didn’t believe a word of it until she saw the video.

Turns out the poor kid was catfished by someone on Snapchat who told him to meet there to hook up, but despite being the victim in this situation the guy with blue balls was arrested on a warrant for B&E in the daytime, and is being charged with a felony.

The homeowner herself doesn’t even seem to care that much and isn’t asking for charges to be filed.

It’s bad enough that Esteban De Jesus Fronfrias-Soto has 38 names, but he drove all the way from Worcester to Northbridge and instead of catching coochy he caught a felony charge. I have never seen a more appropriate time for the “free muh boi” patrol to show up and demand he be released, yet they are MIA on this one.

The boomers are having a tough time understanding how this happened and thanked NPD for locking up this dangerous man who harmed absolutely nobody, and took nothing from the house despite having ample opportunity to.

Yea, you’ve never let yourself into a home after a woman on Snapchat told you to because back when you were in the courtship you had to pin the girl at the sockhop first and take her out for milkshakes first.

Welcome to the future Michael.

For all the people saying, “why did he wait 15 minutes” or “I’d never just open a door and walk inside a home,” I got news for you – this is how people get laid now. He just better hope he didn’t send dick pics, because if he did they’re about to be blasted everywhere! The kid waited 15 minutes because he was confused. He was probably thinking, “this chick didn’t tell me she had kids,” and since none of them seemed startled he probably thought very little of it. Eventually he realized he was being played and got out of there. But if he was there to do bad things why would he park in her driveway and take nothing with him? Why would he wait in the house that long if he was there to rob her, knowing that people were home? Why would he pick a random side street in Northbridge to do this? If it turns out he’s lying then I take it all back, but as of right now the only possible story that makes any sense is that he was catfished.

I can relate to this too. Last month I started getting weird sexual text messages (including dick pics) from strange men who said they found my number on Craigs List. Turns out someone put my information on an ad claiming that I was looking for a “big guy.”

I did a live stream on Turtle Club in which I called each and every one of the guys who tried to get in my pants, and it was pretty hilarious. Luckily none of them showed up at my house, and I still get text messages for this ad to this day.

Whoever set this kid up specifically chose this home in Northbridge to send him to. Why? Was it random, or does she have people looking to mess with her like I do? Tarah would be best advised to consider who her enemies are at this point, because they’ll do it again now that they know it works.

I don’t know how any of this works because I’m way too old for Snapface, but whoever did this to him should face a felony charge. What if Tarah was a gun owner? What if she freaked out and shot him? This isn’t some victimless crime or funny prank. Someone could get seriously hurt. This is who the Northbridge Police should be going after instead of using their resources to go after the victim. Do the right thing and free muh boi!


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