Northbridge Woman Urges People Not To Buy WIC Approved Products Because Poor People Didn’t Budget And Need Food On The First Of The Month


Coronavirus is a never ending source of material for TB Daily News, but this might be the cringiest piece of content that’s shown up in our inbox about the crisis.

No. Just no. This is worse than the woke white woman who tweeted about Black Panther.

Here’s an idea – stop treating poor people and minorities like novelties. That doesn’t make you an “ally,” it makes you a patronizing, condescending twat.

What she doesn’t realize is that in her attempt to prove to the world that she cares about poor people, she inadvertently segregated and categorized them. Anyone can buy WIC approved food. If people who aren’t on food stamps refuse to buy it then we’re stigmatizing poverty by essentially making poor people food, and regular people food. This is what happens when keeping it woke goes wrong.

This virtue signaling was strong with Bethanne, who has used every possible SJW Facebook filter ever made.

Your body already made your choice for you Bethanne. Because you’re probably menopausal.

To illustrate just how out of touch this woman was in her vain attempt to be woke, she doesn’t realize that not everyone gets their stamps on the First of the Month. When your understanding of welfare comes from Bone Thugs n Harmony, this is the result. She also seems to think poor people are infants who can’t budget appropriately over a 30 day period.

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“They’ve probably been on a low supply for days or weeks.”

Why probably? Are you assuming that those who qualify for assistance are unable to plan ahead? Thank God they have upper middle class white women like Bethanne to look out for them while she sips her whine and enjoys a nice ocean sunset.


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