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Norwich Woman Arrested For Head Butting Trooper, Driving On Suspended License Calls 911 On Police, Accuses Them Of Brutality On Facebook


This is Kylie Scovish from Norwich, CT.

She has a suspended license, so naturally she decided it would be a good idea to jump on the highway and start traveling 85 in a 65. But when she was pulled over Kylie determined that the police lacked the authority to question or arrest her, so she rolled up her windows, drove at a state trooper, called 911, and eventually head butted one of them.

The ratchets who call 911 on the cops to try to evade arrest are some of my favorite ratchets. I really want to know what’s going through their head when they make the call.

“Yes, I’d like you send some officers to 395 to help me out. I’m currently being questioned by two troopers as to why I’m driving on a suspended license, and I really don’t feel like answering them. If you could send two different cops to ask me the same exact question and then possibly arrest the other troopers, that would be great. Thanks.”

Anyway, there’s being publicly shamed, and then there’s being publicly shamed on the WINY Radio Facebook page. WINY Radio pretends to be a news outlet, but really it’s just a shaming device that posts mugshots from the eastern part of Connecticut. For those of you unfamiliar with CT, it’s the wealthiest state per capita in the country, but all of that money is located west and south of Hartford. The eastern part of the state is basically white El Salvador with two casinos. Almost every town is a shithole, and it’s filled with people like this. WINY Radio acts as an alumni newsletter for residents, and when the alumni show up to defend their honor like Felicia Food Stamp did here, you get a show.

It’s all a big misunderstanding guys. She told the cop that she was going to get out of the car when her ride got there. She’s allowed to do that. Sure, she broke the law and was going to be arrested for driving on a suspended license, but she doesn’t have to be arrested if she doesn’t feel like being arrested. She has every right to ignore police commands, roll up her window, drive at a trooper, and then head butt one of them in the face if she feels like they’re not performing their job to her satisfaction.

Luckily for her she had a ton of evidence that proved she dindu nuffin.

Unfortunately her comments did not sway anyone’s opinion on her innocence, but she did have a woman defending her honor by the name of Amber Wagner from New London.

Uhoh, Tittoozala is calling them in the morning folks.

And just in case you didn’t think she could find the phone number, she has a secret weapon called Google.

Checkmate, Troop D.

WINY Radio took down Felicia Food Stamp’s comments so she started posting on her own page, where she received a lot more support from the Single Mom Mafia than she received on the WINY Radio page, including advice from noted legal scholars like Shay Shay and Sapphire.


Sue his ass for deformation girl! Stand your ground when those cops try to arrest you for breaking the law! Listen to the woman named after jewelry that she’ll never be able to afford. Things are obviously going great for her since she’s getting that stuffed crust from a guy in a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls Hat and sleeps in a room with a mattress on the ground, bed sheet curtains, and dorm room Christmas lights.

In order to prove how nonviolent and law abiding she was, and to show the world that she would never hit a cop or drive with a suspended license, Felicia Food Stamp also let it be known that she would fight anyone who had something negative to say about her. She would even drive to their house on a suspended license to do so.

Plus, look at those injuries.

Those were obviously the cop’s fault and were not a result of her assaulting them and resisting arrest.

And just in case you didn’t think she called 911, my girl has receipts.

Plus, she told the trooper she had to get home to her dogs after she head butted and called 911 on him, but he still wouldn’t release her.

She was cooperative the whole time, aside from when she resisted arrest, drove at a trooper, rolled up her window, and headbutted one of them.

In fairness, she’s only crazy when other people are crazy to her.

Oh, and of course she reproduced, has a pit bull, and her kids sleep on a mattress on the living room floor in front of a TV.

That’s just a given.

Anyway, if Kylie Scovich would like to come on the Live Show and tell us her side of the story she’s more than welcome to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]



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