Notorious New Hampshire Graffiti Vandal And Domestic Abuser Pays Rapper To Promote Newfound Freedom On Cameo After Release From Jail For Hiding Under Woman’s Bed 


This is Robert Watson New Hampshire.

Hes a grown man in his mid 30’s with a child he neglects, and he calls himself “B-Dubs,” so you know he has life by the balls.

B-Dubs is abusive towards women which leads to him getting restraining orders put on him.

He has a tendency to ignore these orders and was arrested three months ago while already out on bail for another domestic violence incident, when the police found him hiding under his victim’s bed after prying her door open.

In 2017 he was arrested in Merrimack, NH for, you guessed it – beating his girlfriend.

And in case you couldn’t get any worse than a grown man called B-Dubs who beats women and hides under their beds, he’s also one of Manchester’s most notorious graffiti vandals, and was finally arrested in 2019 for his God awful doodles found across Manchvegas.

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If meth and domestic violence had a preemie baby, that’s what it would grow up to look like.

Pubestache Picasso is out of jail less than three months after the Newport bed incident, and the first thing his buddy and fellow graffiti bro “603 monster” did was pay a rapper called Riff Raff to shout him out on Cameo.


So obviously he has his priorities in order.

Underneath the post he was called out for being the guy who sleeps under women’s beds who have RO’s out on him, which he apparently thought was funny.


“I’m not under your girls bed.”


Pubestache Picasso and 603 Monster are now officially thunder buddies for life, and have moved on to Boston to tag up public and private property with their abortion doodles because they’re too well known in New Hampshire.

This waste of space is a danger to women, many of whom has stalked and threatened over the years. People who are willing to break into women’s homes when they have orders out on them and hide under their beds, are incredibly dangerous predators, and he will undoubtably do this again soon. If our justice system actually gave a shit about domestic violence they’d put him away for years.




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