Notre Dame Academy Administration Threatens To Punish Students Who Discuss Teacher/Coach Caught Trying To Meet 15 Year Old For Sex At Walmart


The Fitchburg iPhone pop squad JV team vigilantes caught their third pedophile last week at another Walmart, and as always it was very disturbing.

Every one of these perverts handles it differently.Some beg for forgiveness immediately. Others try to see how long they can continue to pretend like they weren’t there to have oral sex with a child in the family bathroom.

“I don’t think it’s OK to meet a 15 year old boy.”

You were literally there to meet a 15 year old boy.

“You’re recording without my consent.”

Yu’re at Walmart. Do you not think you’re on camera?

“I’m here to go to Walmart.”

No, you’re here to sexually assault a child.

“I don’t think its OK”

Clearly you do.

“There was nothing that we agreed to”

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That was him trying to hide behind a technicality. He was thinking about every message he sent the imaginary 15 year old, and contemplating how he could interpret them as harmless.

And finally, acceptance.

“Ultimately maybe I think I do need to seek a little bit of assistance”

This of course came after he denied needing help, once he realized that they had him dead to rights, so it’s not exactly noble. If he’s not arrested there is no doubt he will do it again.

As it turns out he is a Fitchburg resident, and a first year Notre Dame Academy (Worcester) teacher and coach named Mark Jenkins.

At least he used to be. NDA sent out an email to all parents yesterday, not asking victims to come forward, but silencing students who speak out publicly about a viral incident involving one of their teachers.

I understand they’re a private school so the First Amendment doesn’t apply to NDA, but how can a school tell free citizens in a free country what they can talk about in their free time? A policy like this certainly would’ve come in handy for me a few years back after an alcoholic blogger from Buffalo made up baseless allegations about me leading to all sorts of this:

Prior to teaching at Notre Dame he was the assistant coach at Pine Manor College in Newton.

He’s done podcast interviews.

Everything about this man would lead you to believe he was a decent, law abiding member of society. These people are everywhere and they’re all in disguise. Makes me scared to release my crotch fruits into the wild.

Here’s my question to Notre Dam Academy and Pine Bluff (but especially NDA since they have minors) – why would you hire this man after he was charged with indecent assault and batter on a child in 2014?

A 23-year-old Fitchburg man pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in Ayer District Court on Wednesday on charges of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14, allegedly occurring sometime between May 1 and June 30. Mark Jenkins, a volunteer basketball coach with Ayer Shirley Recreational Basketball League, is alleged to have inappropriately touched a teen on two separate occasions, according to Ayer police. The report said that one of incidents occurred in a secluded area of Ayer’s Pirone Park. Jenkins allegedly rubbed the boy’s leg and put his hand on his genitals. In another alleged incident, Jenkins allegedly checked the victim’s knee, which was reportedly swollen, and, in the process, brushed his hand over his groin area. The boy’s mother is quoted as saying that other parents told her of an incident in which Jenkins was seen smelling players’ dirty jerseys.

Jenkins, according to the report, allegedly referred to the boy as “Boo Bear” or “BB.” He also allegedly said, “I love you.” In the report, the alleged victim said his mother was concerned about Jenkins’ desire to spend time with him. She thought it was creepy, the report said. But the boy said it was OK. According to the report, he viewed Jenkins as a kind of mentor.

During the alleged incident at Pirone Park, the boy allegedly told Jenkins his mother didn’t want him spending time with Jenkins anymore, to which Jenkins allegedly said, “I thought we crossed this bridge already with your (expletive) mother. Why does she have to be concerned?”

The victim said Jenkins had also allegedly locked the doors to his car during the meeting. The report said Ayer police met with Jenkins on July 29, and, during the conversation, he denied going into the boy’s pants to check on his knee and also denied the Pirone Park incident but said he could have been joking. According to the report, Jenkins appeared to get nervous whenever he was asked a direct question. He would also admit some aspects of the allegations, then deny them later in the interview.

Was there Google machine broken? Or was his not guilty verdict at trial (in a very difficult case to prove) enough to ease their minds that he could be trusted around children? It’s unacceptable that NDA’s primary concern right now would be to protect the predator from public commentary. They were responsible for this. They allowed this man near children, and now they’re trying to silence more potential victims from coming forward. I have a hard time believing he didn’t target any of his students, even though they’re all female.

It’s eye opening how easy it was for these two random guys with iPhones to find three sexual predators within a 10 square mile radius in just a week. This has really opened my eyes to how commonplace this is. And these aren’t just ratchets either. The guy yesterday was a security guard, and the guy last week used to coach youth football. Now there’s Mark Jenkins.

I know I was critical of the way the Fitchilantes handle their business, but I’d love to talk to them more if they would come on the live show tonight at 9. Email me guys, [email protected]


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