NYC Cop Arrested For Murder Alongside Fiance After Forcing 8 Year Old Autistic Son To Sleep In Garage, Courts Ignored Documented Abuse From Mother 


New York City Police Officer Michael Valva and his fiance Angelina Pollina were arrested last week in their Long Island home for murder in the death of Valva’s 8 year old son Thomas.

Both Valva and Pollina are divorced and have three children. Her three girls and his three boys appeared to have a loving Brady Bunch style family in the making.

They’re both divorced and became engaged when he proposed to her at a Yankees game in 2016.

Valva initially claimed that his son died after falling in the driveway while waiting for the school bus. But since then police discovered that the child, who had a body temperature of 76 degrees when they found him, was forced to sleep in the freezing cold garage as punishment for wetting the bed.

This tragedy was entirely preventable, and once against child protection services did nothing to protect the children. The courts also enabled this to happen by awarding the father custody in 2016. Why? Because he turned the tables on Mom by blaming her for being abusive, and because he’s a police officer they believed him and awarded him custody.

The Nassau County judge overseeing the Valvas’ contentious 2016 divorce had awarded the father custody, according to court documents, after a raft of abuse allegations against Zubko-Valva, including excessive corporal punishment. Zubko-Valva denied the claims and during an October 2018 Suffolk County Family Court hearing on the allegations against her, to sound an alarm about her ex.

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“They are in extreme danger of their lives,” Zubko-Valva told a judge, according to a transcript.

The mother told the judge her children were losing weight and suddenly, at ages 8 and 9, wearing diapers.

“They keep regressing in their development, they are not getting food, going to school hungry,” the mom lamented.

Family Court Judge Bernard Cheng ordered an investigation at the time and by April issued a decision dismissing claims of neglect against Zubko-Valva.

The allegations of neglect were deemed to be unfounded, the school was stating in plain English that Dad is abusing them, but yet this monster got the kids anyway.

Thomas’ mother Justyna Zubko-Valva has been telling the world about the abuse her children had to endure for years, but the courts and DCF ignored her. In January of 2018 she created a Twitter account to document what he was doing. Here’s a letter the school sent her about the obvious signs of neglect they witnessed and reported.

Both Thomas and Anthony were autistic. But Valva is an old school tough guy who probably thinks autism is just an excuse for bad behavior, and believes that a whooping and tough love is what can fix the child. He routinely denied the children food for not saying good morning to Angela, send them to school in urine soaked clothing, and told them not to go to the school nurse.

The police also now have audio from inside the house showing the Hell these boys had to live in.

A recording recovered from the home by investigators captured the two accused murderers cold-heartedly discussing Thomas after another child is heard asking why the boy couldn’t walk.

“Because he’s hypothermic,” replies Pollina.

“He keeps face-planting on the concrete,” says Valva.

“You know why he’s falling,” says Pollina.

“Because he’s cold,” responds Valva. “Boo f—ing hoo.”

Pollina then asked the cop what he was doing to Thomas, with Valva responding, “I’m f—ing suffocating him, that’s what I’m doing.”

“The depravity of these defendants is shocking,” said a shaken Sini after hearing the recorded conversation. “They caused the death of this little boy, then watched him die.”

Prosecutors said home video surveillance showed Thomas and his 10-year-old brother Anthony shivering inside the bitterly cold garage two nights before the younger boy’s death, when the temperature dropped to a bone-chilling 19 degrees.

A camera positioned to show the garage floor was labeled “kids room,” leading investigators to believe the frigid room served as the boys’ sleeping quarters, prosecutors said.

Thomas was thrown into the garage for the last night of his life after taking a beating from his father for an unknown transgression, according to sources. When police arrived on Jan. 17, Valva was performing CPR on his lifeless son’s body and claiming the boy fell in the driveway while waiting for the school bus, sources told The News. The dad allegedly put the dead boy’s icy remains in a tub of hot water in an effort to dupe first responders into buying his bogus story, the sources added.

The Mom has been posting videos on the Twitter account showing undeniable proof of child abuse too. Here’s a video of Valva dropping the three kids off with her two years ago, refusing to let go of Thomas’ hand while he’s crying because the child disrespected him by showing emotion when seeing his mother.

These children obviously loved their mother, but they were threatened by their father and stepmother not to run to her when dropped off, because he wanted to make it seem like they were scared of her.

In this video Pollina coaches the children to say, “I want to see Daddy,” “Mommy, you’re not nice,” “I’m not proud of you Mommy,” and “I have fun with Daddy and Angela.”

Here’s another video where they’re being asked by Valva, “Who do you love,” “Who do you want to stay with,” “Who do you miss,” and the right answer is always “Daddy and Angela.” They’re also coached to make up lies about their mother by saying, “Mommy is mean, Mommy hits me, Mommy don’t touch me  I love Angela. I love Daddy.”

This is how he got custody in the first place – he coached his boys to make up lies about the mother, who obviously loves her kids. She’s not some delinquent either. She’s a corrections officer at Riker’s Island.

The most incriminating tape she posted is this one where she asks the boys,

“What’s going to happen if you tell me you love me and kiss me and give me a kiss and a hug?”

Their response – “Daddy’s going to put me outside.”

That’s how Thomas died. This was bound to happen eventually and CPS and the courts enabled it to happen. Not only should these monsters rot in jail for eternity, but Mom should find a great lawyer and sue CPS until they no longer exist, and every Judge along the way who allowed this to happen should be disbarred and arrested. They are all complicit in this boy’s preventable death.


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