NYU Students Blaming Chelsea Clinton For New Zealand Attacks Is Why Trump Will Win Again In 2020


Every time I think that Trump might be a one term President I see something on social media that reminds me how determined democrats are to make sure he’s reelected in 2020. This happened at a vigil at NYU the other day at a vigil for the 49 people who were killed at the mosque in New Zealand.


God, it must be so hard being a democrat. No matter how hard you virtue signal and pretend to care there will always be another liberal out there just waiting for the opportunity to lift themselves up by calling you a racist, or some other sort of oppressor of “marginalized” communities. These psychopaths are standing there yelling and screaming and BLAMING her for killing 49 people, and because she’s a liberal she has to stand there and take it. This is the benefit of being a conservative Trump supporter – you can just tell these people to fuck off. You don’t have to pretend to take anything they seriously because you don’t need their support.

Chelsea Clinton’s team has to pretend that their concerns are valid. She’s as loyal a liberal as you will find, but the problem is that she doesn’t care for anti-semitism. Ilhan Omar is a “fresh new face” from Minnesota, and because she wears a hijab and is a woman of color she is able to get away with things no one else could. She constantly tweets things that contribute to the narrative that American Jews cannot be trusted because they’re all loyal to Israel. Hating on Jews like that is a bad thing, and progressives should be opposed to it if they want to be at all consistent. So Chelsea said as much.

And this is why these hags went after her while she was 7-8 months pregnant. Because this tweet denouncing anti-semitic statements from someone in her own party got 49 people killed in New Zealand. That’s what she’s being accused of here.

These people are certifiably insane, but I still enjoy every new installment of the left eating their own. People like Chelsea Clinton cheered on the lunatics as they harassed and went after moderate Republicans like Susan Collins and Jeff Flake because they voted for Kavanaugh. Now they’re tasting the social justice mob stew they created. They didn’t realize that these people are nothing more than attention whores who get off on being the wokest person in the room. Attacking Donald Trump and conservatives is too easy. They insist on going after their own kind, and this is why I have little doubt Trump will win again in 2020.

As you can see, she is wearing a Bernie shirt, and is a diehard Bernie bro.

When will democrats learn that Bernie is cancer for their party? I’m not totally convinced his cult-like following didn’t hand Trump the presidency. He attracts younger, dumber members of the left who fall for his free giveaway nonsense. At least Hillary lived in reality. But Bernie convinced many younger voters that Hillary was just as bad as any Republican, and I’m willing to bet a lot of those people in Wisconsin and Michigan didn’t show up to vote at all when he didn’t get the nomination. If Bernie gets the nomination these are the kind of nutjobs he will represent. This is his base.

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Leen Dweik and Rose Asaf are juniors at NYU and obviously much, much, much smarter than everyone else. They’re totes making a difference in the world, one sign and one fist at a time.

One is a Palestinian, and the other is an American Jew trying to convince her woke friend that she’s one of the “good Jews,” because she doesn’t like Israel either. (It’s like a bad sitcom that NBC is writing as we speak.) And the way they do this is by attacking pregnant women who profess to detest all forms of bigotry, not just bigotry against protected and “marginalized” groups.


They did this because they’re young and stupid and this is how you gain attention when you’re a child with no perspective.

They tried to capitalize off of it by posting their Venmo accounts.

And when they got called out on it they said they were totes kidding.


Yea guys, it was all just a joke. The money they made from it was real and they kept it all,

but they weren’t being serious or anything. Now to hide behind identity politics!!


The worst part about these people is they genuinely could care less about the dead people in New Zealand. They didn’t shed a tear, and they didn’t wake up sad.

They wake up every day looking for a way to pretend they are victimized so they can justify yelling at someone, and Muslims getting killed halfway across the globe will have to do. They secretly enjoyed the fact that 49 people were killed because their deaths were politically useful for them. They had every intention of going viral, because Chelsea Clinton is internationally famous, and they recorded it and posted it to social media. Yet they once again played the victim when media members with large followings started criticizing them.


My best friend!! We’re best buds!!

Shocking she doesn’t shave her pits. Truly shocking.


Leen, who attends one of the most expensive schools in the country and is the poster child for privilege, claims that she didn’t want any of this, and that she approached Chelsea by herself.

Except her BFF Rose just happened to be there taping it, and she’s been thirsty for Chelsea long before the Ilhan Omar tweets.

It’s not the first time she’s built her own brand on social media by live streaming herself yelling at someone famous. She did the old thing to 187 year old Henry Kissinger last year.

Leen also has a history of literally calling for the demolishing of the Jewish state of Israel, less than 2 weeks before this.

No big deal. Just tweeting about the extermination of millions of Jewish people in the nation they fled to after the Holocaust. She’s the good one though. She’s the victim here. Turtleboy is constantly being banned for posting much less offensive things on Twitter, but when she was forced to delete this she just posted it all over again.

Then again, she doesn’t see this cartoon depicting Ben Shapiro as being some sort of stereotypical shifty Jew as problematic either.

She also has a history of using the n word and casually calling people homosexual slurs like it ain’t no thang.

I’m not the word police, but she is. I would just love it if these people held themselves to the same standards they hold everyone else.

Also, she’s a victim because people are being critical of her.

She’s a brown Palestinian Muslim woman guys. You’re not allowed to disagree with her tactics.

The next step is to post mean emails you get in order to once again reassert your victimhood.

Retweet stuff like this.

And seek out praise from America’s most famous white anti-semitic Muslim Linda Sarsour.

If you ever use “triggered” in a non-sarcastic way then you are barred from ever being taken seriously. Ever.

And this is why Trump will win again in 2020. You can take it to the bank. As the primaries go the candidates will begin to cannibalize themselves by focusing on identity politics in order to court these lunatics who they need the support of. Consequently the people will see that and vote for Trump because despite his obvious shortcomings he appears to be more stable than his opposition. So please, keep supporting Bernie Sanders instead of someone like Joe Biden or Beto, who might be able to convince people in Michigan and Wisconsin that they’re not completely insane.


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