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Oakland Raiders Give Kylie Kirkpatrick 2 Super Bowl Tickets As A Reward For Coaching Her Son To Lie Repeatedly 


Kylie Kirkpatrick has taught her son Ryan Kyote a very valuable life lesson – lying pays.

Just when you thought the Oakland Raiders couldn’t possibly embarrass themselves more so than they have with the product they’ve put on the field since the tuck rule, they went and did this. Then again, the Raiders do have a storied tradition of rewarding criminals and making fools of themselves, so giving tickets to an ex-con who is forcing her child to lie so she can financially benefit isn’t exactly surprising. This is the same franchise that honored him in December for being a hometown hero.

The Raiders press release on this story is laughable.

“I heard you stepped up in a big way helping out with some lunch money. It’s really cool as a young guy already knowing what to do how to help out in your community. So we wanted to introduce you to Super Bowl MVP Jim Plunkett.”

Yea, well, that’s why you’re a nobody who no one has ever heard of on a team that hasn’t won a playoff game since Kylie was sober.

“Quite a generous and noble thing you did for your fellow classmates. And on behalf of the Raiders I’d like to present you with two Super Bowl tickets.”

Newsflash Jim Plunkett – Ryan didn’t do anything for his classmates. All the money came from a GoFundMe.

She coached her son to say it came from his allowance because it’s cuter, and she knew that the mainstream media would eat it up.

This whole thing is so Raiders it hurts. A quick Google search shows that Kylie is under police investigation for non-profit fraud, directly related to the lie that got him these tickets in the first place. The debt he paid off didn’t have to be paid off by anyone, since the school eats it at the end of the year. We covered this in detail already.

This child knows that he is lying, but he’s being coached by his mother, who has prior convictions for check fraud and an assortment of other crimes, to continue to repeat this lie so they can get free gifts like this. For those of you wondering, the cheapest Super Bowl tickets are going for $5,000 a piece. I’m sure those are really nice tickets they got, so let’s conservatively say they’re worth $10,000 a piece. Then you add in plane tickets and lodging (at the cheapest place possible – Motel 6), and you’re looking at a trip that’s worth between $22K-30K.

Kylie’s doing her part by pretending to be a shocked and proud mother who didn’t abandon both of her children for drugs.

Accepting those tickets is no different than accepting the cash that they’re worth. Look at all the free stuff they’ve gotten out of this. She only was able to get this donation because of the lie that she told. Remember that couple from South Jersey who said that a homeless man helped them fill up their gas tank with his last $20, and then made $400,000 off the GoFundMe? They were both charged with fraud. This is no different. Kylie lied to the public and the media, and she used that lie to solicit substantial monetary donations. No one would’ve given a penny and they would not be going to the Super Bowl if they knew that that $74.80 came from a GoFundMe.

I urge you to contact the Raiders media relations department and send them links to the stories we’ve published on this. Their contact information is below, and I called them during an impromptu live show this afternoon. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss an episode. We’re going to be doing more impromptu live streams like this so that subscribers get content before anyone else. (I didn’t have the mic on until 3:30 so skip to that part).


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