Opinion: Healthcare Workers Are Heroes, But A Vocal Minority Is Giving Them A Bad Rep


Nurses and doctors are heroes, and should be treated as such. However, they were heroes long before the COVID crisis, and a small but vocal minority of them are out of control and need to be brought down a notch. I explained it all in last night’s podcast/live show, and it’s got some people upset, so allow me to explain.


It all began when I saw someone post this picture on Facebook yesterday.

Obviously that ocean front picture (no, it’s not Lake Havasu, so please stop with that) is not from Arizona, because Arizona does not touch the ocean.

This meme is often posted as test to see who would freak out and clutch their pearls over people being at beaches. For the record, there is nowhere safer than the beach. Not a single person who has died from the commie cold has said they’ve gotten it at the beach. It’s easy to socially distance there and studies have shown that sunlight kills the virus.

Tests also have shown the virus in droplets of saliva survives best indoors and in dry conditions, Bryan said. “The virus dies the quickest in the presence of direct sunlight under these conditions,” he said. “Our most striking observation to date is the powerful effect that solar light appears to have on killing the virus, both surfaces and in the air.”


Turns out we’ve done everything wrong. The worst plan possible would be to sit inside and send one household member to the grocery store where they can pick up the bug, bring it home, and spread it to everyone in the house. What we should’ve been doing is encouraging people to get out of the house as much as possible, especially in warm states where coincidentally the virus isn’t as prevalent.

But none of that matters to the Karen patrol because nothing angers them more than seeing pictures of people at the beach, which is why this happened after a Facebook friend (who is a nurse himself) posted the fake picture of an Arizona beach.

The irony here is that Katie and Courtney are mocking stupid people, when in fact they are the stupid ones who think that Arizona touches the ocean. Katie says that people who go to the beach should be put on the bottom of the triage list. What does she do for work?

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She’s a nurse. A person who signed up to save the lives of others thinks that you should not receive healthcare if you go to the beach. That’s like saying that you won’t help a fat person suffering from heart problems because they chose to eat Wendy’s five times a week. And I’m supposed to worship this woman because she’s an “essential worker?” No thanks.

I realize that most nurses are selfless people who do their job every day and don’t look for Internet applause. But I’ve reached my breaking point with the Nurse Katie’s of the world. She “can’t stay home,” because unlike the millions of people who were forced out of their jobs and businesses and can’t feed their families now, she’s essential. People who are unemployed through no fault of their own are the lucky ones who can stay home. It’s fun right? You’ve seen the commercials. We can all sit at home, learn on the Internet, build forts with our kids, and read books on the couch. That’s how every American household is right?

In reality the “lucky ones” who can stay home are the millions of Americans who have become dependents of the government, while people like Katie continue to collect a paycheck and keep their jobs.

The “media” is also essential apparently, even though they’ve repeatedly report fake news about the virus. Politifact and USA Today both reported in late March that sunlight does not kill the virus. The World Health Organization, which is nothing more than a Chinese propaganda parrot, reported the same. The media wants you to be locked down so you’ll turn on the TV and keep up with news reports, so they quickly rush to debunk any reports that there could be another way to do this.

One of the things I can’t stand about this involuntary lockdown is the infantilizing of anyone who isn’t lucky enough to be an “essential worker.” Have you seen the commercials where everyone goes outside and claps, or bangs their pots and pans for essential workers? They shove it down your throat on every channel.

Is there anything more emasculating than being robbed of your ability to make a living, and then relegated to the role of a cheerleader because people are afraid of a virus?

Meanwhile, billion dollar corporations putting these commercials out are making bank off of the crisis while small businesses are forced out of work. You can’t buy pants at Marshall’s because new clothing is not essential, but you can buy pants at Walmart because they are. Companies like Lowe’s, Samsung, and Apple are doing a lot better because you’re more reliant on the products they sell due to the forced lockdown. Yet they present themselves in commercials as compassionate. They’re not. They’re predatory and have great marketing teams.

Need a haircut? You can only get those if you’re Gina Raimondo or someone in the media. Ya know, essential workers. But it’s not about me wanting a haircut, it’s about the barber who owns the shop. That’s what people aren’t understanding about this. We don’t need to go to Applebees, but the employees there need us to go in order to make a living.

Meanwhile, people who have legitimate concerns about losing their jobs are being treated like selfish yahoos by virtue signaling nurses and doctors blocking traffic and protesting protesters.


Two things can be true at once:

  • The protesters who show up with guns and Trump flags look like morons and do no good for an otherwise legitimate argument that the government has forced millions of people to lose their jobs and businesses
  • The doctors and nurses who show up to protest them are self-important, virtue signaling elitists who are getting paid a salary and haven’t even attempted to put themselves in the shoes of a person who has lost their job or their business

Pro tip – Leave your AR-15 and Trump flag at home if you’re going to protest the shutdowns, because you make it look like a right wing political rally. Everyone should be able to make a living, liberals included.

“No economy is worth more than a life.”

Wrong. A dying economy kills people. Suicide rates are on the rise, children are being abused at record rates, and people are waiting in breadlines asking for scraps. Anyone who says, “you only care about money and want people to die” is not a serious person looking to have a serious discussion.

Here’s a quote from one of the nurses protesting the protester.

“You may be willing to risk your life and say ‘I think I’m a tough person, I can take it.’ But it’s not about you, it’s about who you would expose for you to go to work,” Casey said. 

People who want other people to starve because of an irrational fear they have about contracting a disease are the actual selfish people. People who want to work aren’t selfish, they’re just trying to survive. No one is forcing you to go out. You’re more than welcome to hide in your home for an eternity, because the virus isn’t going anywhere. At some point we will have to reopen, and when that happens the bug will spread, so what’s the point of all this? Why are we just delaying the inevitable?

Mark my words – the way this was handled will go down as one of the greatest mistakes in American history because we allowed hysteria to rule the day.


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