Oppressed Biracial Man Holds Onto 4 Year Old Video Of Girl Using N Word On Snapchat To Get Her Kicked Out Of College When She Virtue Signaled About BLM 


The New York Times published a fantastic piece of journalisming this weekend with a story about a psychotic and oppressed biracial gay man from Virginia who decided to destroy a former classmate of his for a four year old Snapchat video.

In 2016 a 15 year old named Mimi Groves got her driver’s permit, got excited about, and sent a 3 second video to her friend on Snapchat in which she said, “I can drive, n word.” A former friend of her’s named Jimmy Galligan (whose mother Monica Cannon-Grant would accuse of riding white penis because she is black and her husband is white) saw the video and held onto it until he could use it to ruin her the next time something good happened to her. That moment came when she began virtue signaling about black lives matter after George Floyd was killed and Jimmy posted the video in her comments. She looked like a hypocrite because she was one, as are most people who virtue signal about BLM.

Mimi Groves was a student at the University of Tennessee at the time and was removed from the cheerleading team and pressured to withdraw from the school because administration was too gutless to wait for the outrage mob to pass them by and move onto their next victim. This happened in June when the country lost its mind and we encouraged white people to out “racists” amongst us so they could prove to the world that they’re not the racist one by producing a scalp.


This is the oppressed biracial man who was so upset about a racial slur from four years ago that he said nothing about it until he weaponized it against her four years later.

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As you can see, he’s one of the girls.

How did he ever survive this amount of oppression in a wealthy Virginia suburb as a biracial boy in a blue state?

A word someone said to another person in a private message still haunts him to this day.

I’d suggest that he was rejected by this girl years ago, but I think we can all agree that that’s ruled out for obvious reasons. However, Jimmy is basically a chick, so he thinks like one and probably was just mad that she stopped sitting at his lunch table sophomore year. This is them three years ago.

He’s also unstable and admitted that he was depressed as a freshman, and probably held a grudge against this girl for years without telling her.

He makes YouTube videos about giving himself facials.

He’s retweeted stuff that suggests he’s severely damaged due to grooming.

And he’s published videos in which he says that he is in fact a psychopath.

He’s clearly not of sound mind and needs psychiatric help. Naturally then the media is taking him seriously and Tennessee is letting him decide who can attend their school.

As much as I blame this maggot for being an entitled, privileged, overly dramatic queef, the real blame lies with the New York Times for treating him like some sort of victim, and more importantly on the University of Tennessee for giving into the mob. They admitted as much to the girl.

The consequences were swift. Over the next two days, Ms. Groves was removed from the university’s cheer team. She then withdrew from the school under pressure from admissions officials, who told her they had received hundreds of emails and phone calls from outraged alumni, students and the public.

“They’re angry, and they want to see some action,” an admissions official told Ms. Groves and her family, according to a recording of the emotional call reviewed by The New York Times.

Once the video went viral, the backlash was swift, and relentless. A photograph of Ms. Groves, captioned with a racial slur, also began circulating online, but she and her parents say someone else wrote it to further tarnish her reputation. On social media, people tagged the University of Tennessee and its cheer team, demanding her admission be rescinded.Some threatened her with physical violence if she came to the university campus. The next day, local media outlets in Virginia and Tennessee published articles about the uproar. The day after the video went viral, Ms. Groves tried to defend herself in tense calls with the university.

But the athletics department swiftly removed Ms. Groves from the cheer team. And then came the call in which admissions officials began trying to persuade her to withdraw, saying they feared she would not feel comfortable on campus. Groves’s parents, who said their daughter was being targeted by a social media “mob” for a mistake she made as an adolescent, urged university officials to assess her character by speaking with her high school and cheer coaches. Instead, admissions officials gave her an ultimatum: withdraw or the university would rescind her offer of admission.

Imagine how sackless you have to be to let random people on Twitter control who is allowed to pay you money to attend your overpriced debt factory. The girl was receiving death threats on their campus, and instead of protecting her and making sure she was OK they rewarded these people by giving them a woke participation trophy kill.

I’ve seen the video and the girl does say the hard r in the n word. But guess what? She was 15 and listens to rap music. What on earth did you think was going to happen when you normalized a racial slur, marketed the music towards the largest market possible (white teenagers), and didn’t tell them all the unwritten rules about who’s allowed to use that word and who isn’t? They have no problem profiting off of millions of white teenagers who love their racial slurs, but they draw the line on their customers repeating words used in the songs.

I used to see this all the time while teaching and coaching at Shepherd Hill. White kids often used the n word because they honestly didn’t know it was a big deal. Why would they? They don’t read the Huffington Post but they do listen rap music. I had to pull kids aside to tell them that their lives could be ruined if they said it in front of the wrong person. Either ban the word altogether or don’t whine when people use it.

In all honesty though I don’t feel that bad for her because she aligned with BLM, and when you do that you deserve what you get. She virtue signaled about BLM because it was the cool thing to do, but she was a fraud just like 99% of the people who posted about it were. And instead of standing up for herself she’s begging for forgiveness.

“It honestly disgusts me that those words would come out of my mouth,” Mimi Groves said of her video. “How can you convince somebody that has never met you and the only thing they’ve ever seen of you is that three-second clip?”

If this isn’t a red pill moment I don’t know what is. Nothing you ever do will ever be woke enough for social justice warriors. They gain prominence by destroying others, and they will gladly destroy you to elevate themselves. They don’t want you on their team. If she can’t see that by now then she deserves the dragging she’s getting.

Stand up to these people and they’ll quickly realize how powerless they are. Just ask the Kansas State student who refused to apologize for tweeting a George Floyd joke, called the football team’s bluff when they said they wouldn’t play if he wasn’t expelled, and still attends the school.

Here’s the best part.

Mr. Galligan thinks a lot about race, and the implications of racial slurs. He said his father was often the only white person at maternal family gatherings, where “the N-word is a term that is thrown around sometimes” by Black relatives. A few years ago, he said his father said it aloud, prompting Mr. Galligan and his sister to quietly take him aside and explain that it was unacceptable, even when joking around.

Shortly after his 18th birthday in July, Mr. Galligan asked his father, a former law enforcement officer, what he thought about white privilege. “The first thing he said to me is that it doesn’t exist,” Mr. Galligan recalled. He then asked his father if he had ever been scared while walking at night, or while reaching into the glove box after getting pulled over by the police.

He said his father had not.

“That is your white privilege,” Mr. Galligan said he told him.

His father, a grown man and a cop, said the n word out loud in front of black people and was taken aside and told that this was inappropriate. Meanwhile, a 15 year old girl said the same word in a private conversation and this vindictive punk spent years waiting for the opportunity to destroy her life.

Makes sense.

And just in case you were unclear about his motives….

Since the racial reckoning of the summer, many white teenagers, when posting dance videos to social media, no longer sing along with the slur in rap songs. Instead, they raise a finger to pursed lips. “Small things like that really do make a difference,” Mr. Galligan said.

For his role, Mr. Galligan said he had no regrets. “If I never posted that video, nothing would have ever happened,” he said. And because the internet never forgets, the clip will always be available to watch.

“I’m going to remind myself, you started something,” he said with satisfaction. “You taught someone a lesson.”

He taught her a lesson. In a just world this worthless freckled fraud would be the one who was cancelled.

Never forget that these people think they’re the good guys. They have no idea how horrible and deranged they are, and they’ll keep doing it as long as no one fights back against them. This is why we fight – because people like this don’t get to win.


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