Orange Man Arrested For Shooting Girlfriend After Starting $20K GoFundMe For Wedding While His Fiance Sits In Jail


Here’s a fun love story out of Orange. It begins with this man:

I too occasionally park my motorcycle in the living room.

Conan Gentile is a man who often runs afoul of the law and was arrested in Leominster in 2011 while living with his girlfriend and her teenage daughter for stealing several items, including a musket, swords, shotguns, and BB guns from a home in Sterling, just in case his trench was raided by Germans. Due to his record he was sentenced to 5-7 years in jail but ended up getting out early because a judge on the SJC ruled that the police didn’t have probable cause to search the house they knew he was living in.

Noting that Trooper Napolitano had verified Mr. Gentile’s address from a state identification card and a driver’s license before the morning in question, the court concluded that the trooper did have a reasonable belief that he had the right apartment. However, it did not find Trooper Napolitano’s belief that Mr. Gentile was present to be a reasonable one, despite his testimony that Ms. Stanley appeared nervous, that she looked back in the direction of the bedroom during their conversation and that he heard “movement” inside the house.

Conan ended up getting a new girlfriend after jail who he lived with, and they became Facebook fiances.

Around this time his friend got a girlfriend named Brianna.

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One day his buddy was apparently murdered for unknown reasons and Conan allowed Brianna to move in with him and his girlfriend. Next thing you knew Conan’s girlfriend went to jail (perfectly normal) and Conan and Brianna ended up getting kicked out of the home for “not up to par codes.” Once they became homeless together they were naturally drawn to one another and fell madly in love while his girlfriend rotted away in prison. They decided to get married since she had never been on a plane before (not sure what that has to do with anything, but whatever), but since they didn’t have any money they started a $20K GoFundMe to pay for it.

Best part of that glorious GoFundMe was this line:

Life had brought us together in a strange way, leaving us to naturally become lovers

Because when you get evicted from a home with your dead friend’s lover while your lover is in jail, due to an inability to pass health codes, you naturally become lovers with your dead buddy’s girlfriend. It’s unavoidable.

But these star closed hobo lovers were not accepted by their families, particularly because Conan put up noodz of Brianna on Facebook, got called out for it by her brother, then told her brother that he was keeping them up out of spite before her brother accused him of whoring her out for money.

Perfectly normal relationship.

Somewhere along the line they moved from Leominster to Orange, and last week Chapter 4 of this ghettofied Nicholas Sparks novel was completed.

Greenfield Recorder:The two suspects in custody in connection with a shooting in Orange on Friday morning have been arraigned. Orange Police Chief James Sullivan said that Conan Gentile was arraigned Friday on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (firearm), misleading a police investigation, intimidating a witness/juror/police/court official and illegal possession of a firearm. He is being held at the Franklin County House of Correction in Greenfield and will be back in Orange District Court on Jan. 26 for a dangerousness hearing.

Additionally, Michael Coleman, 40, of Townsend, was arraigned on two counts of interfering with a police investigation and one charge of accessory after the fact. He was being held at the Orange Police Station. Sullivan said Coleman was originally arrested in Westminster on outstanding warrants, and was arrested again Tuesday in connection with the shooting. Sullivan maintains there is no danger to the public at this time.

According to an email from Mary Carey, spokesperson for the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, a woman was shot inside a Lois Street residence at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Friday. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and was expected to survive. Massachusetts State Police spokesperson David Procopio said units responded around midday Friday to assist Westminster Police with a barricaded suspect, later identified as Gentile, at the Rodeway Inn on East Main Street in Westminster. Gentile was taken into custody at roughly 1 p.m. by troopers assigned to the Massachusetts State Police Special Tactical Operations (STOP) Team.

A State Police K-9 unit and a trooper from the State Police bomb squad also responded. The bomb squad trooper “was prepared to deploy a robot into the room where the suspect was barricaded in order to provide the teams outside the room visual situational awareness of the suspect’s position,” according to Procopio. However, Gentile left the room and was apprehended prior to the robot’s deployment.

Just to review:

  • Boy moves in with girl and teenage daughter
  • Boy robs homes in Sterling for bounty of 18th century weaponry
  • Boy gets arrested and goes to jail
  • Boy gets out of jail early on technicality by activist SJC judge
  • Boy meets new girl
  • Boy gets engage to girl
  • Boy lets murdered friend’s girlfriend move in
  • Boy’s fiance goes to jail
  • Boy and murdered friend’s girlfriend get evicted
  • Boy and murdered friend’s girlfriend become homeless lovers
  • Boy and new girlfriend move to Orange and get engaged
  • Boy starts $20K wedding GoFundMe
  • Boy shoots new fiance while girlfriend rots away in prison
  • Boy gets in standoff with police in Westminster motel prompting bomb squad to send robot in to find him

If that’s not an Orange love story then I don’t know what is.


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