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Orange Man Demands Blog Be Removed Exposing His Christmas Begging Scam, Vows To Build Moat And File Slander Lawsuit


Yesterday we blogged about an Orange couple that was scamming community Facebook pages all over Western and Central MA by claiming they wanted to be adopted because no one would drive to their home and give them free Christmas gifts, even though weeks earlier a whole bunch of people sent them free Christmas gifts because they felt bad for their children.

I also pointed out that MacMeth had a criminal history that included larceny, but I didn’t address whatever was going on with this haircut.

I don’t even know what that is. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s like his head knows that it’s balding and the troops on the front line just got hit by a cannonball, but they’re still breathing and holding onto dear life so the scraps of hair remaining are going to talk shit until they get put out of their misery.

I also didn’t point out that he’s also a grown man who’s on food stamps and wants you to drive him to the grocery store.

Oh, and he also likes to beat up his pregnant girlfriends.

This morning I woke up to some fan mail from Daniel Troiano (or Marissa, since they share this account) that I need your help interpreting.

After reading that glorious sentagraph just remember this – team lockdown wants to trust people like this to oversee remote learning for their children. What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s break down that message piece by piece to interpret its meaning.

look if u dont take that post down of me scamming” people which is total lies i will have u exposed for slander

Screenshots of Daniel saying things on the Internet that contradict things he said earlier are slander, and Attorney Richard N. Vulva has been contacted.

i have much prove that shows i have no scammed anyone so do what u may but i will have the last laugh

The grown man looking to be adopted by another family is going to laugh at me once he shows “prove” that he no scam no one.

im sorry i wanted a couple of toys for christmas and ues a couple people have said they wid buy me something but i have yet to recieve moat of it

He has no shame being a grown man who requires other people to buy Christmas gifts for his kids, and he’s upset that some of the people he asked to drive 40 miles to bring him toys have not followed through on that promise. However, once he gets his moat filled with alligators delivered to the trailer park he will be untouchable.

so if im scamming why wud i be deleting posts

Generally when people get caught scamming they begin deleting posts, especially when previous posts reveal that they have already profited off the grift weeks earlier.

and mind u i am not putting a new one up i hvae deleted them so that more people dont continue to comment befuase in all set so if u have any ? for me im happy to answer

He is not putting up any new posts asking for free gifts to be delivered to his house because welfare Jesus already delivered enough to make their kids believe that their parents are capable of raising them on their own.

but dont dare slander my name cuz its sad ur supposodly a “journalist” ya no cuz a real journilsts wud go and and question me before airing this hod wash

I’m not sure what’s more amazing, the fact that “hog wash” is a regular part of the vocabulary of a man in his 30’s, or the fact that he can’t spell it. I get that “journalist,” “would,” an “supposedly” can be problematic words, but hog is quite possibly the only word you can’t screw up unless you try.

After some thought I will have to decline his demand to remove the blog and take my chances in deformation court due to the lack of evidence he’s provided to disprove anything alleged in the blog. However, the invitation remains for MacMeth or Lady MacMeth to come on the live show and explain what we got it wrong, preferably in English this time.


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