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Our Online Store Was Deleted By A Former Blogger Who Shall Not Be Named, Affidavit From Attleboro District Court Revealed


It’s come to my attention today that a former blogger who shall not be named shut down our online Printful store (the third party vendor that prints most Turtleboy gear found in the store) after being fired. There are still some items you can purchase by clicking herebecause I keep the good stuff in the turtle lair.

However, if you have ordered something after February 14 that is not in that store right now, you will be receiving a refund. I will create a new online store, it’s just a pain in the butt. It would’ve been great if this former blogger didn’t go full guttermuppet, but it is what it is at this point.

I had to drive to Attleboro this morning after the podcast with Gerry Callahan (which you can listen to by clicking here) to get a copy of the affidavit (AKA After David in Rockland), in order to see what I’m up against on Tuesday at the hearing. I have nothing to say about this at the time, but feel free to formulate your opinions.

“I am also requesting the court order Mr. Kearney no longer harass me via his online postings.”

Same argument made by Failure Swift, Charlotte McFarland, and several other ratchets. Excellent company. Good thing nobody we know has ever harassed someone at work via an online posting.

Or harassed them via an online posting by catfishing them and livestreaming it for the sole purpose of public humiliation at the 15 minute mark.

Or congratulated themselves for getting a midget of no particular significance arrested on a warrant in order to gain some cheap views after lying to him and telling him that you wanted to have a legitimate debate.

Or written a blog smearing a turtle rider who is clearly mentally unhinged for cheap laughs.

Wouldn’t it be insanely hypocritical for someone who spent the last two years doing stuff like that to then go and abuse the court system by asking a judge to disregard the First Amendment by asking for immunity to be featured in online postings? Good thing I don’t know anyone who does stuff like that.

I’ll have a lot more to say about the judicial system once this is settled. For now, enjoy a clip of today’s show.


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