Outrage Mob Harasses Trinity High School In Manchester Demanding More Punishment For Football Player Who Posed With Racist Proposal Sign 


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Yesterday a Manchester woman named Ronelle Tshiela, the leader of BLM Manchester and a law student at UNH, tweeted out a picture of a white student from Trinity High School in Manchester holding a racist sign he used to propose to a girl for the prom.

“If I was black I would be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking you.”

I mean, you gotta be pretty stupid to pose for a picture doing that, which is exactly what your average high school senior is. Just look at the kid’s face. He seriously has no idea about the blowback he’d receive for doing this. If you’re not aware to how the Internet reacts towards racism, and how much they’re just ITCHING to find a 17-18 year old white boy to sacrifice to the Equity Gods, then you might as well walk around with a helmet on your head and have a row named after you on the short bus. 

For what it’s worth this is apparently a thing that’s been going on for a few years now:

And every time it does it gets the same reaction. A mob freaks out, the school gets harassed, they throw the student to the wolves, and his or her life is destroyed. This is the Mayor of Kansas City after it happened there last year.

It’s literally the end of the world and inspires the same reaction every time. Since this idiot teenager obviously didn’t come up with this idea on his own, and probably saw it on Tik Tok or something, he could’ve easily seen what the blowback to it was and chose not to do it. He didn’t though, because he’s a f***ing moron.

But as Monica Cannon-Grant says, “let’s keep it up a buck.” At the end of the day no one got hurt and no one actually gives a shit. These are all tweets from sitting Massachusetts State Representative Liz Miranda, who is about to be elected State Senator.

This isn’t whataboutism, it’s me pointing out that no one actually cares about racism. I refuse to be outraged by a stupid white kid when a grown elected official can write all of that without a single media outlet (besides Turtleboy) reporting on it. I stopped giving a shit about racism after that because clearly no one else cares. Don’t tell me a high school senior should be held to a higher standard than an elected official with actual political power.

The blowback has been exactly how anyone with a brain knew it would be.

Lots of posting of the school’s info, leading to harassment campaigns.

But what do you want the school to do? Expel him? Will that make you feel better about yourself? Will the world be a safer and less racist place if we sacrifice this one dumbass 17 year old? Obviously a school can’t tell you what they’re doing to punish a student, and it’s not really your call if you find the punishment appropriate.

Ronelle certainly doesn’t give a shit about racism or anything like that. She just genuinely enjoys leading outrage mobs and pretending she’s some sort of victim while attending law school and getting appointed to the Governor’s task force on police reform by Chris Sununu.

When one woman named Victoria implored her to take the tweet down because the school was receiving threats and the student had apologized, she refused.

Oh no! They hung up on the hundreds of people calling them up to tell them how racist they are? How rude!

This is why you should never, ever apologize to an outrage mob. As she just showed you, Ronelle has no interest in your apology. She wants your scalp! So she’s gonna pretend like people were actually harmed by this so she can keep her grift going.

To further illustrate how dumb and naive this kid is, this was his apology on Snapchat:

“He thinks an apology is good enough?”

Exactly. Never apologize to these people under any circumstances, even if you did something you know is wrong. You don’t owe them anything and no matter how real your apology is it won’t be enough.

What exactly is Ronelle hoping to accomplish? Everyone in the school knows it happened already. You want him to go to jail? How bout a public flogging? Oh wait, I know what this is really all about – diversity, equity, and inclusion training. That’s what the solution always is in the racism-industrial complex. Obviously this school is a racist place since a high school kid did something racially insensitive and stupid. He clearly hates black people and wants them to be slaves, and the only way to fix that is to pay some consulting company that made bank off the death of George Floyd to come into the school and force all students to learn that this is a racist joke. As if they don’t already know that.

One woman running for State Rep has a reasonable solution:

Yea, let’s just ban private schools completely because one kid at one school held a sign with a terribly inappropriate joke on it. That sounds legal. This is the real reason I refuse to give a shit about this – because I won’t play the games that the pronoun mafia demands that we all play.


This one was my favorite:

Poor Carlos can’t catch a break as a BIPOC in New Hampshire. He’s exhausted guys. He literally can’t breathe as he sits on his iPhone and applies penicillin to his battle wounds. He saw a picture of a high school kid, who he’s never met and will probably never see in real life, holding a sign with a racially insensitive meme. And man, it just broke him in half. Thoughts and prayers comrade!

They ended up doxxing the kids of course. He’s on the football team.



The coach and principal issued statements calling it a tragic mistake and vowing to discipline him.

Whatever punishment they planned on giving him will be a million times worse now, mark my word. They cannot WAIT to sacrifice this kid to the mob for being an idiot. Ya know, because kids doing dumb things is unforgivable, and we should destroy them completely instead of treating it as a teachable moment they can learn from.

Meanwhile the girl is getting escort at school, which is really offending the people who think she should get beat up.

For real!

Seriously, you would think that someone actually got hurt because of the reaction:

Doing something racist is literally the worst thing you can do in our society. That’s how non-racist we are. You can survive being a pedophile, a deadbeat dad, or a junkie who robs his own grandmother. But there’s no coming back from doing something racist. And for what it’s worth, I highly doubt this kid actually believes that black people are a lesser race of people, which is what actual racism is. It’s a stupid sign. You’ll all be fine.


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