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Poor Behavior

Owner Of Rasta Pizza Pizzeria In Beverly Posts Addresses And Phone Numbers Of Customers Who Leave Bad Reviews For Bootleg Lobster Pizza


Dana McIntyre is the owner of Rasta Pasta Pizzeria in Beverly.

He’s been advertising a lobster pizza for $30 if you’re into that sort of thing.

A local woman named Shyla Howard ordered it recently and wasn’t satisfied with what she got.

So she called them up to complain and she says McIntryre was rude. Unsatisfied she took to Google to give them a one star review, and this is how owner Dana McIntyre responded.

And he did that to several other people as well, after word got out that he was doxxing customers for leaving bad reviews.

As it turns out he’s been doing this for years. It’s his way of intimidating people from giving bad reviews.

No matter what, he always feels the need to point out how GREAT his business is doing.

He’s since posted this update.

“The funny part is people coming in and ordering more lobster pizzas than we ever sold before.”

Yea, he’s one of those. A narcissist who has to make it seem like he’s always winning. Clearly graduated from the Greg Bates School of Undeserved Confidence, and I have a feeling that the shakedown artist himself has likely promoted this place on North Shore Eats. I’m sure that a woman’s Facebook post about a negative experience triggered a mass movement to go buy his bootleg lobster pizzas. Definitely.

He’s obviously got life by the balls since he’s pushing his crypto currency side business on his local talk radio show.

And he’s whining on Facebook that people are bullying him, while warning people with Carrie Underwood songs about what will happen if you cheat.

Of course he couldn’t figure out how to link the video, and a song about infidelity has nothing to do with bad pizza reviews, but that’s not going to keep the Beverly Boomer Bro off the interwebz.

But even his own son thinks Dana’s a douche whistle, and he reached out to the OP to tell her that he tried to get his father to take down her address, but he refused.

Well, that’s one way to do business I suppose.

I reached out to Dana McIntyre for comment but have not heard back. Hope he doesn’t respond to this by posting my personal information. No one has ever done that before.


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