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Owner Of West Springfield Brewery Defends 6 Year Old Girl Dancing For Dollars At Sexual Drag Show In His Business, Dad Defends Parenting Decisions


Earlier in the week we published a blog about a West Springfield Brewery called Two Weeks Notice Brewing Co, which hosted a sexualized drag show in which a 6 year old girl danced provocatively for dollars. The drag performers call themselves “House of Hors,” and are known to be overtly sexual during shows. It was attended by several town officials, and the little girl’s parents have been bringing her to House of Hors events at other locations as well. The whole thing was disturbing.

The woman on crutches was Carly Carlossi, the assistant to the Mayor, who was there with her boyfriend firefighter Lt. Nick LaPalme.

Who would’ve guessed that sleeping with politically connected people could help your bottom line? All he had to do to get the promotion was sell his soul by attending events where he throws dollars bills at 6 year old girls in order to get them to emulate a strip tease they just watched.

All decent people, regardless of political affiliation, can agree that subjecting your children to sexualized adult performances is horrible parenting. But the hipster owner of Two Weeks Brewing Company is not a decent person. This is Mark Avery.

Instead of apologizing for allowing a 6 year old child into an establishment that primarily serves alcohol, and exposing her and other children to grown men in drag grabbing their crotch and performing strip teases, he decided to blame the people who thought there was something wrong with it instead. He is blaming Turtleboy for reporting on it, instead of himself for hosting it.

“The little girl had been to drag shows in the past.”


So it’s OK that you allowed a child to dance for dollars and get exposed to adult content because she’s done it before. Makes sense.

“Nothing about this was sexual.”

Apparently a man grabbing his dick and thrusting in front of a child, or beginning to take his pants off as part of a strip tease, is not considered sexual to Mark Avery.

What part of a man in a skirt spanking people as they bend over in front of you isn’t sexual?

Would you do that to a child? If not, why not? What other line of work do people dance in front of drunk adults who throw dollar bills on the floor around them?

“The only people who would look at this girl being a little girl in this video are those looking to sexualize her.”

If you don’t think it is sexualizing a child to bring them around men in lingerie emulating sex acts then you should never be allowed around children. Mark Avery is a direct threat to children everywhere, and his business supports child sexual abuse. Don’t let him gaslight you – he’s a serious predator.

“It was mostly picked up by the conservative far right loud mouth type groups.”

This is what they always do – pretend that the only people objecting to this sort of child abuse are conservatives. It’s so insulting to liberals more than anything. As if the core tenet of liberalism is accepting the sexualization of children by the age of 6. This is what Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy had in mind.

He really doesn’t like Turtleboy Daily News and demands that you unfriend him if you are a fan of our award winning work, which just this week shut down a business that was abusing hundreds of dogs.


“One of the videos in his story isn’t even from our event.”

Yes, but this is the type of show they typically perform, which you were well aware of.

“His loyal minions who hang on every word this cuck puts forward started coming at us.”

First of all, maybe don’t call people cucks if you look like a bootleg Shane Cashman.

Mark did what people like this always do when they’re exposed for doing something horrific – attempted to turn himself into the victim by crying about people sending him mean words on a computer.

“The amount of disturbing comments I read on the original TB thread were utterly ridiculous.”

Coming from a man who hosts events where children dance provocatively for dollars, I will take that as a compliment. All decent people are a lot more disturbed by your acceptance of child abuse than they are about people who express opinions that child abuse is bad.

“I am not a pedophile.”

Maybe not, but you’re definitely on the pedo spectrum.

“I get if drag performances aren’t your thing, you don’t have to go.”

“If fucking teenage girls isn’t your thing then you don’t have to go to Epstein Island.”

He announced an upcoming drag show from the same group in April, but said they will be 18+ from now on.


But Mark, why would you need to change it to 18+ if there was nothing wrong with a child attending and dancing at the one in January?

Mark wants people who have never stepped foot in his business but support the sexualization of children to leave him 5 star reviews on Google, and it looks like he’s gotten dozens of them since his post. Feel free to click here to share your thoughts on this business condoning child sexualization with a review.

Most people in West Springfield, on the left and the right, are horrified by what they saw in those videos. Kevin Pomerleau is not one of those people, and he looks the part.

He’s doing the typical thing that degenerates like him to defend the sexualization of children – framing an objection to it as an attack on the BLT-123 mafia. He even admits that the girl mimicked the performers when she danced. A group that proudly calls themselves whores. He said all of this was OK because people get tipped at lots of jobs, not just strippers.

This is just a way for them to deflect from their acceptance of pedophilia. I have no idea if the performers are gay, nor do I care. I have a problem with them performing sex acts in front of a child though. I also tip my waitress by calculating 20% of the bill and signing my name. I don’t throw dollar bills on the ground and make them perform for me.

The parents of the little girl in the video are also defending their parenting skills. Lindsee Keefe and I briefly spoke before she blocked me.

Her husband Nick did a Facebook Live that he took down mid stream, but I recorded in segments on video. First he said there was nothing wrong with the video of his daughter dancing like that while bemoaning the fact that he was being called a groomer. He claims that his daughter is a professional dancer who “happened to dance at a drag show,” and people “happened to give her money.” He claims that the girl didn’t want the money and threw it away, so it’s not grooming.

Here she is handing dollar bills to a man grabbing his crotch in lingerie.

Here she is collecting money from a man in sexual drag, and then waving the money around like a trophy.

He went on to say that the drag show was all ages, in a public place, and charitable.

He said that the “girl” grabbing his bulge was part of the humor, and that no one ejaculated on his daughter’s face. He said the sexual lyrics to the song she was dancing to is no big deal either because it’s just the world that we’re living in.

No one alleged that the girl had her face ejaculated on. But many objected to the fact that she was seated 4 feet away from this man simulating himself jerking two men’s erect penises onto his face.

Finally he went on to announce that it’s OK because his 6 year old, who isn’t old enough to receive lettered grades, is a straight A student, and that these sorts of shows are OK because they’re charitable. He said that he doesn’t think drag is bad, but admitted that it can definitely get “out of hand.” However, he said it wasn’t anywhere near his daughter.


“I don’t think drag is bad. I think there are points when it can definitely get out of hand. But that wasn’t anywhere near my kid. If that happened, maybe I missed it. But I didn’t personally do it.”

Dude, you were right there.

The fact that he felt the need to say that it wasn’t anywhere near his kid (even though it was) shows that he knows something is wrong with it.


In fairness, I think this guy is just an out of touch moron who is allowing his activist wife to completely control and abuse their child. This is a woman who uses “she/they” pronouns, because without that she’s just another white woman.

Nick Keefe is the sad epitome of the emasculated American man who doesn’t have it in him to stand up to his wife when she’s hurting his child. Clearly this was all her doing, and he’d rather be reading comic books or going to a hockey game. Mom is the one who likes to take pictures of herself grabbing titties in front of her daughter, not him.

The bottom line is that decent people don’t remain silent when they see child sex abuse, which is exactly what these parents and this brewery support.


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