Ox Bar And Grille Uses Pandemic As Mask To Fire Entire Staff In A Facebook Post, Waitress Throws Coworkers Under The Bus To Keep Her Job


The Chinese coronavirus has damaged many restaurants irreparably. However, is appears as if the newly opened Ox Bar and Grille in Oxford is taking advantage of this crisis by using it as an excuse to fire their entire staff and replace them in the most ratchet way possible.

The manager posted this announcement that all employees were to be laid off in a private Facebook group for employees. If you choose not to use Facebook you would have no way of knowing. Yet another example of why platform access should be a civil right – because some employers use it as the sole means of communications with employees.

Their reasoning for firing everyone is because they have a new chef, who for some reason is in charge of personnel. I have a hard time believing that they would do this if the restaurant were up and running, and it certainly looks like they took advantage of this crisis in order to make it appear as if the pandemic played into their decision.

The owner of the restaurant is David Brambila of Sudbury, who also owns the Mexican chain restaurant Mexicali.

I used to go there a lot, but they can kiss my ass moving forward if this is how they do business.

Brambila is very successful, opening over two dozen restaurants after moving here from Seattle.

Brambila didn’t have the minerals to post the message himself, since he doesn’t have a Facebook account, so he had his new manager Brittany Berthiaume post it for him (I have no clue why the OP tried protecting her by crossing out her name).

I don’t care if she was just “following orders” to post that message. Several other employees saw what happened and had the decency to resign in protest. If you go along to get along with an owner who does something like this in order to keep your job, then you’re not a good person.

I reached out to Brittany but haven’t heard back. Luckily for her this woman showed up to defend the wall.

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Her name is Heidi Rosario, she’s a server at the Ox Bar and Grille, and she’s been one of TB’s most vocal critics since the Busgate days.

She’s also a ratchepotamus deluxe, complete with flat brimmed hats, food stamp selfies, “trust no b****” chains, and slogans like “4 them b*****es that keep hating 4 no reason.”

She’s right though. I trust no b**** who still has the original sticker on her flat brimmed hat, and I never will.

Heidi apparently works there and wanted to prove that she is the ultimate scab. The kind of woman who will throw her coworkers under the bus for airing perfectly legitimate grievances in order to stay in good favor with the bosses and keep her job.

So let me get this straight. They’re not fired, they just no longer have their jobs and have to reapply for them like an unemployed person looking for a job would have to do? Yea, those are totally different things. With those kind of writing skills she’d be a prime candidate to write editorials for the Pyongyang Gazette.

She’s also blaming this decision on the commie cold crisis, even though it has nothing to do with it.

Heidi, you and I both know that they’re upset because they found out they lost their jobs in a Facebook post, and many of them have not been paid. Instead of standing in solidarity with them you’re crapping all over them in the vain hope your wealthy boss will see it and put you in his good graces.

And just when you thought she couldn’t get more pathetic Heidi then attempted to justify his actions by claiming that he had two friends die from coronavirus.

She is the Uncle Tom of waitresses. But her story doesn’t even make any sense. If he can’t afford to pay his staff then he’d be filing for bankruptcy, not hiring a brand new chef and staff.

The restaurant is justifiably getting destroyed in their online reviews and attempted to stop the bleeding.

But whoever runs their Facebook account is so oblivious that they updated the new menu from the new chef, who appears to be the driving force behind all these people losing their jobs.

I spoke to a number of people who used to work there, some of who quit over the way this was handled. They tell me that in just the few months the Ox Bar and Grille has been open they’ve had many issues including:

  • Late paying bills, causing them to get shut off from food and liquor distributors and vendors multiple times
  • Late paying their rent to the Capitol Group (owns the property) which almost delayed the opening
  • Employees are owed money from time worked before the Chinese coronavirus shut them down

Don’t worry though, once they pay their bills Brittany will make sure they have booze to sell the public.

What makes this worse is that they’re using the pandemic as an excuse to lay everyone off, even though it’s got nothing to do with it. I want to support restaurants throughout this lockdown, but when owners treat their employees like this they don’t deserve our patronage.


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