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Parents Complaining That Ron DeSantis Bullied Their Kids By Allowing Them To Remove Masks Are Political Activists Who Never Wear Masks Themselves 


Yesterday Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proved that he is the most based elected official in the land when he told several Hillsborough High School students to remove their masks at a press conference at the University of South Florida because it’s theater.

This is why I love Ron DeSantis, and why he needs to be the Republican candidate for President in 2024. It’s not enough to allow school districts to decide on whether or not they want to mandate masking. It’s not enough to ban school districts from masking kids. It’s not enough to just tell people they can remove their masks. We have to actively tell people that their masks make them look ridiculous. The jig is up, and there’s no longer need for the theater. Masks never worked from the beginning, which Florida proved by not mandating them without a corresponding increase in deaths, and as long as people continue to wear them there is always the threat that they can come back whenever a COVID fear porn politicians wants them to. Those kids especially were never at risk of dying from COVID, and they look ridiculous.

Predictably the media and leftists reacted by accusing the Governor of “bullying” these kids by telling them that they don’t have to wear masks if they don’t want to.

That’s not bullying, this is:

Five year olds being forced to smother their airways to protect them against a virus that can’t kill them, while the morbidly obese politician gets to smile and breathe freely.

You know what bullying is? Adults with power forcing children to wear masks in school for two years for absolutely no reason. Just because kids aren’t strong enough to fight back. Bullying is when the powerful coerce behavior from the powerless by exerting their will.

DeSantis didn’t bully anyone. He bravely told these poor kids the truth that the adults in their lives wouldn’t, allowed them to breathe fresh air, and look how happy they were:

Those kids are wearing masks because they’re good kids who follow the rules without questioning them. Throughout this pandemic adults have preyed on children because they’re the only ones who aren’t allowed to question authority. Kids have had to wear masks all day and then turn on the TV and see 70,000 people at the Super Bowl without a mask in sight. The second they realized an adult was telling them it was OK to remove the masks they had looks of euphoria on their face.

He also didn’t didn’t yell, and he specifically told them they could keep their masks on if they wanted to.

“You do not have to wear those masks, please take them off. Honestly, it’s not doing anything, we’ve gotta stop with this COVID theater. If you wanna wear them, fine, but this is ridiculous”

You’re not a bully for pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.

DeSantis immediately responded in boss fashion.

Take notes Republicans – this is what actual leadership looks like. You don’t apologize when you’re not in the wrong. You fire back at the mainstream media when they lie. You tell the truth, even when they say you’re not allowed to. (Get your DeSantis 2024 gear in the Turtleboy Store by clicking here).

Look at the poll results here and you’ll see how detached from reality the media is.

Two of the parents of the kids on stage were not pleased either. Remember this kid on the right?

His name is Eric Marshall, and his mother Dawn Marshall wasn’t happy that the Governor allowed her child to breathe air, which he clearly was thrilled to do. But because his Mom is a psychopath she dragged him in front of the cameras and forced him to say that DeSantis pressured him to do what he clearly preferred doing.

“He’s telling my minor child to take off his mask? He’s putting us at risk?!!”

YOU’RE NOT WEARING A MASK!! You’re not at risk because your kid took his mask off. He doesn’t wear one in your house anyway, and the fact that you’d want him to muzzle himself indefinitely so that you feel safer only proves what a horrible excuse for a parent you are. That is clearly a good kid who likes to follow the rules and not upset adults. His idiotic mother lied to him for 2 years, and the second another adult gave him the option to not listen to her he jumped at the opportunity. Now she’s using him as a political prop.

“Did you feel pressured by the governor to do that?”

“Mmmm…….ummmmmm…….a little.”

Speaking of pressure…..

When you’re forced to give an answer while your masksless mother stares you down and coerces you into saying the “right” answer, it might be Mom who’s doing the pressuring.

As it so happens Dawn Marshall is a bit of an activist too, and has been vocal about reducing suspension rates in school because discipline is racist:

Fewer students at Hillsborough County schools are getting suspended, but it may not be because of improving behavior. Members of the Hillsborough Co. school board discussed the latest numbers in Tuesday. This comes a year after they began implanting new discipline measures which focused on finding alternatives to suspending students. According to the boards findings, overall suspensions dropped by nearly eight percent from the 2014-15 schools year to the 2015-16 school year. The number of days students were suspended dropped by nearly 23 percent. African American males make lead with  most suspensions, by nearly  2,000 more than white students. While the number has gone down, the gap continues. However, parents like Dawn Marshall think the program is a step in the right direction.

“Too many kids are out, they’re not learning,” she said,”now we’re susceptible of those kids not passing.”

Kids get suspended when they violate serious school rules. Allowing kids to stay in school when they’re disrupting the learning process of others isn’t helping anyone. It’s just more liberal nonsense being pushed by people who have never worked a day in the public schools their entire lives.

This is Kevin Brown Sr.

He owns a cigar business called Konscious Cigar and was a supporter of the drugged out socialist who lost to DeSantis in 2018.

His son was the kid on the left who kept his mask on, and he also sought out the media with his son and accused the Governor of bullying.

Again, bullying? He gave your kid the option to keep his mask on, and your idiotic, brainwashed son chose to do so.

As you can see, Dad is wearing both a mask and his company’s shirt with cigargs in the pocket when he did an interview on TV that he knew would be seen by many people. Almost as if this was by design. But he almost never wears a mask.

He just makes his kid wear one because he’s a bully and he knows his kid can’t fight back.

Now Dad is on Facebook using the incident to promote his business and brag about how brave his son is for being the only kid dumb enough to keep his mask on.


Ron DeSantis isn’t the problem here, the parents and the media are. Stop listening to the grownups kids, they’re very stupid people who have been lying to you for the last 2 years.


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