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Poor Behavior

Parents Demand Action From Newburyport School Committee After Meeting About Remote Learning Was Zoom Bombed With Racial Slurs And Sexual Language 


During a Newburyport School Committee meeting earlier in the week where the district’s plan for remote learning were discussed, someone ironically exposed the fundamental weakness of remote learning by sending a Zoom bomb that was hard to miss.

Local social justice warriors were much more offended by the sight of the n word and a bootleg swastika than they were about a statement alleging that a teacher tore open someone’s glory hole, and demanded the school committee “denounce that message and stand against hate,” because they were horrified.

Whoever did this knows that they’ll never be caught because they’re dealing with Boomers navigating the interwebz, and they were hoping for this exact same pearl clutching reaction. Somewhere out there a troll is having a good laugh over this. It’s probably someone who doesn’t even live in the town, but yet these people believe that a Zoom bomb is evidence that Newburyport’s schools “still have much work to do.” Because complaining about racism is the only thing these people know how to do.

And is there anything less meaningful than “standing against hate?” We get it. You think that racial slurs and comments about gaping buttholes are bad. I completely agree, and almost no one disagrees with you, especially the people on the school committee. If you need to hear a generic statement from them about why they think the n word is bad more than you need to hear from them how they’re going to avoid this happening during your kid’s science class, then your priorities are warped.

This is yet another example of why “remote learning” and remote anything will be a spectacular dumpster fire. If you don’t think this can and will happen to your kid’s Zoom meeting with their teacher you obviously don’t understand how technology works. Good luck explaining why someone’s asshole would be gaping asshole to a 7 year old. Courts should be completely open, town meetings should be held in person, and schools should never even attempt to do “remote learning.” It’s not an acceptable substitute any longer.

The School Committee did apologize.

Thank goodness we know where the Newburyport School Committee stands on “racist and hate based language” that they had nothing to do with. I was wondering if they were in favor of it or against it, and they bravely took the unpopular stance of denouncing it. Moving forward they will “properly safeguard” to make sure this doesn’t happen again, except it most definitely will because Boomers aren’t ready for an all-Internet world.


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