Parents Of Deceased 13 Year Old Girl Still Presenting Themselves As Loving Guardians To Media Despite History Of Abuse And Failure To Report Her Missing


On Friday WCVB did a story on Carlos “Mago” Rivera’s most recent court date for his role in the drugging death of 13 year old Amesbury girl Chloe Richard in May. They presented the child’s mother, Deborah Goldsmith-Dolan, and her stepfather Brian Dolan, as grieving parents trying to stand tall during a traumatic time period.

“I have Chloe’s earrings in, I have Chloe’s bracelet, I’m gonna stand tall for this. And please remember, Chloe was well loved.”

Except Chloe wasn’t loved at all. She was abused and neglected by these two.


The people who were supposed to care for her couldn’t be bothered to report the 13 year old girl missing after she ran away to get high with the most notorious serial pedophile drug dealer in Lawrence, who then dropped her off dead at a hospital in Lawrence. After Chloe died they suddenly presented themselves as loving parents, which the media parroted for them, and they made $10K off the GoFundMe.

To this date, TB Daily News remains the only media outlet to bother asking them any sort of questions about their role in the death of their 13 year old daughter. We remain the only ones who thought it was at all newsworthy that Deborah signed into her deceased child’s Facebook account (if she had access the entire time, how did she not know about her daughter’s troubles?) and began posting things like this.

She claimed that Chloe was at a friend’s house safe. Except she wasn’t, and they made no effort to verify that she was. She ran away on a Sunday, had school on Monday, and they didn’t report her missing.

Her two older sons often moved in with people who actually cared about them.

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Chloe was an angry, troubled child, who wanted to be loved but instead got two drug addicts who neglected her, including a stepfather who regularly assaulted her, forcing her to run away from home.

Imagine how low and desperate a child must feel to view Mago Rivera as a better alternative than living at home?

While she was missing and neither parent reported this to the police, Brian Dolan was posting on Facebook about the Bruins.

He then came on the Live show (at the 40 minute mark) and gave one of the most disturbing interviews of all time, which showed exactly the kind of home that Chloe was running away from.

I highly suggest you listen to that audio if you haven’t already. It’s beyond disturbing and is by far our most downloaded podcast. A few of the highlights:

  • He wished death upon my children and laughed maniacally throughout the interview
  • He lied about Chloe running away
  • He called me homophobic slurs (the f word) and threatened to defecate down my throat
  • He threatened to kill me multiple times (“I’ll smash your f***ing teeth down your throat mother f***er”),
  • He asked if my kids were physically attractive and insinuated that his 13 year old daughter was hot
  • He said that anyone who likes the Red Sox is fans of a “pussy sport” and asked “why don’t you watch hockey you little f***ot? Ya know why? Because hockey’s a man’s sport!!”
  • He admitted to abusing Chloe when she was disobedient, and laughed every time he was asked if he sexually assaulted Chloe.
  • He put his son on the phone who threatened to “skin f***” Bret and I

This audio was sent this to the State Police, Amesbury Police, DCF, and several mainstream media outlets. All of them ignored it.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s own brother wrote a year ago on IG that he was “worried” about his sister, and that he had moved in with his brother after Brian Dolan kicked him out.

Kyle, her oldest brother, criticized the mainstream media’s coverage of his parents, said he wanted them investigated, said he wanted his mother to “burn for this,” and also said he wanted to kill the stepdad because of how abusive he was.

And after we exposed Brian Dolan for being the monster that he is he then legal action, which has yet to come to fruition.

Deborah at first seemed like she wanted to come clean about her husband, but got cold feet and went the GoFundMe route instead.

The mainstream media has no interest in publishing real news, so as usual it looks like it’s up to us to bring you people the story behind the story they’re giving you.


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