Pathologist Who Claims To Have Done Independent Autopsy On Mikayla Miller Comes Forward To Boston Globe A Year Later, Has Long History Of Ignoring Facts And Seeking Media Attention


Editor’s Note – The Globe column was written by Andrea Estes, not Yvonne Abraham as we first mentioned.

Update: The pathologist the Globe claims did an independent autopsy on Mikayla Miller is now denying outright that she even spoke with the reporter.


It’s been a year Sunday since 16 year old Mikayla Miller walked down a wooded Hopkinton path in the middle of the night and killed herself by tying one end of a belt around a tree and the other to her throat. Turtleboy Daily News was the the only media outlet that covered the story honestly, debunking Monica Cannon-Grant’s made up lies that Miller was lynched by her ex-girlfriend and 4 other white teenagers, telling the truth about Calvina Strothers (Miller’s mother) history of neglect and abuse, and publishing emails sent to Miller’s guidance counselor from her ex-girlfriend Katelyn Anderson warning her that Miller was suicidal.

Thanks to these lies Monica Cannon-Grant and Attorney Ben Crump helped raise over $60K to conduct an “independent autopsy,” after a medical examiner ruled Miller died by suicide. MCG claimed that the unnamed “doctor” completed the autopsy on May 7, three weeks after Miller died.

This would prove to be difficult since Miller was cremated, not buried, and there was no real interest in this case from activists until two weeks after she died.

Today Boston Globe columnist Andrea Estes published a story about last year’s hysteria. According to Abraham’s story the medical examiner has a name.


Priya Banerjee.

Abraham doesn’t say what she allegedly discovered in her alleged autopsy, just that Banerjee claims to have conducted it “around the time Cannon-Grant was tweeting about the second autopsy.”

But Monica didn’t start tweeting about it until over two weeks passed the day Miller died. What day was she cremated on? Estes couldn’t be bothered to confirm that, she just took the word of a pathologist who always seems to find her way onto the television.



On June 24 she shared a link to a Providence Journal story about how Hopkinton “faces its own reckoning on race and identity following Mikayla Miller’s death.”

But Hopkinton doesn’t need a racial reckoning because white teenagers didn’t murder Mikayla Miller, and race had nothing to do with her death.


There are three possibilities here:

  1. She conducted an autopsy and determined that Miller was murdered. If that were the case then Monica would be screaming to the heavens about it, so this is not a possibility.
  2. She conducted an autopsy and determined that Miller committed suicide. If this is true then it means Monica intentionally covered up the truth to raise more money (very possible) and Banerjee was helping to spread this lie since there would be no need for any sort of “racial reckoning” in Hopkinton.
  3. Banerjee is just looking for attention, never did an autopsy on ashes, and blindly believed and spread Monica’s lies last year.

I know which one I think is most likely.

Banerjee¬†has a history of opining on who is at fault for teenager’s suicides.


She spread the completely made up narrative that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was murdered, despite a ME’s report that he died from two strokes.


She opined that Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two men trying to chase and assault him while he ran for his life, was guilty of murder.


And just yesterday she was pushing for more mask mandates because vaccinated people can’t stop spreading Omicron.

Funny, how the woman who constantly disagrees with medical examiners, loves the media spotlight, doesn’t seem to know much about science, and falls for easily debunked false narratives, just so happens to have come forward a year later and said she conducted the autopsy on Miller’s ashes. She doesn’t say what those findings are, but she definitely did it, and the newspaper that named Monica Cannon-Grant Bostonian of the Year is telling you to trust her.

She also pretends to care about mental health awareness, but is contributing to a lie about Mikayla Miller being lynched, when it could be a great opportunity to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

If she conducted the autopsy then she knows Mikayla Miller committed suicide. Why isn’t she using her platform to spread awareness to a case that was so close to her?

Meanwhile, Marian Ryan’s office is still “investigating” the suicide, which has made life difficult for Kaitlyn Anderson and her 4 completely innocent friends. They still live in fear of being charged because Ryan lacks the will and the fortitude to tell the mob the truth.


Calvina Strothers got paid from GoFundMe, despite the obvious fraud, and now suddenly has nothing to say about the fraudulent hysteria she helped incite.


And the Globe is finally reporting on the emails we first reported last year, which proved Miller was suicidal.

The only “reckoning” that should’ve occurred from this was an apology from the mainstream media for creating the monster of Monica Cannon-Grant, the return of every penny donated to the GoFundMe, and for Calvina Strothers and Ben Crump to be held responsible in perpetrating this farce.



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