Patriots Fan Cam Shows Pat Mahomes’ Girlfriend Lied, Wasn’t In Seat And Was Texting Most Of Game, Also Live Tweeted Stepfather’s Death For IG Likes


Brittany Matthews is the “IG influencer” and girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes. She recently made up a baseless lie about Patriots fans harassing her at Sunday’s game, despite eyewitness testimony and video evidence which proved that it was her who was harassing Patriots fans and being obnoxious in general.

But we also found something else that proves what a liar she is. Patriots Fan Cam lets you see snapshots of the entire stadium at five different points in the game. The first one was taken with 13:00 left in the first quarter, or approximately 4:30.

She is nowhere to be seen in the section she was sitting in.

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Yet right around this time she was complaining on Twitter that people were identifying her as Pat Mahomes’ girlfriend (she wishes) and yelling at her for standing up.

Both of these are lies, since she wasn’t in her seats at the time (probably was inside updating her IG filters), and many other people are standing up in that picture.

Picture #2 was taken with 1:53 left in the second quarter, so it was probably right around 6:00.

Once again, she is nowhere to be seen.

Picture #3 was taken with 8:46 left to go in the third quarter.

Does the woman in the back row on her phone look familiar?

She’s not even watching the game, and they’re in the last row so it’s pretty hard to imagine why anyone would yell at her for standing up.

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Picture #4 is at the end of the third quarter, and once again she’s sitting on her phone playing around on Instagram.

Finally in picture #5 she’s actually watching the game as the Patriots were coming back, and everyone is standing except for her and Pat’s goofy brother.

So why did she make this all up? Simple – to gain followers. Her “job” as an “influencer,” is to gain followers. After that companies can pay her to promote their product because she has a big following due to the fact that she is dating someone famous. Since lying about her experience at Gillette she has gained thousands of followers on IG and Twitter, and now she can spam them with ads disguised as “giveaways.”

This is how this talentless people like Brittany Matthews make money in America. Adidas and Lululemon likely pay her to give away gift cards. A $200 gift card from Adidas is nothing to them, but the data they can gain from all of these people following Brittany is invaluable. She’s a blonde Bill Pulte who makes you follow, like, and share her content to win prizes that she gets paid to giveaway.

Let’s not forget, this is the same woman who shamelessly live tweeted her stepfather’s death last year.

Quick, before you die can we have the nurse take a picture of us all holding hands so I can post it for likes on IG?

Hey Brittany, I’m sure you’ve read the blogs by now – I hereby invited you and Jackson Mahomes to come on the live show to discuss why you felt the need to defame Patriots fans. We discussed your story, along with Landon Part 4 on last night’s show. Drop me a line at [email protected] and we can make this happen.


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