Pawtucket CNA Single Mom Gets Her Rent Paid By Government COVID Program Despite 7 Previous Evictions And Food Stamp Fraud Charges


This is Sandra Bagwell from Pawtucket.

She was featured on WPRI news recently after the Rhode Island state run Rent Relief program and a non-profit allegedly saved her from eviction, domestic violence, and COVID at the same time.

Sandra Bagwell tells 12 News she was on the verge of being kicked out of her Pawtucket apartment amid the pandemic, but the state’s RentReliefRI program helped her get back on track.

“I wasn’t able to work because of COVID,” Bagwell explained, adding that she also fell victim to domestic violence. “In the situation I was in, I was really falling back on everything as far as rent and bills and stuff like that. [The pandemic] really had me struggling,” she continued. “Sometimes you can get depressed and you think you can’t get out of it.”

But just when Bagwell began losing hope, she met Katie Barrington of Crossroads Rhode Island. The nonprofit organization has been working alongside R.I. Housing since the rent relief program launched in April. Barrington said she’s helped file more than 100 RentReliefRI applications, and so far, 15 of them have already been approved, including Bagwell’s. Bagwell credited her second chance to Barrington, who helped her through the process.

“I have a whole new start on life. I am so grateful,” Bagwell said. “I’m able to save money, I’m able to do things that I wasn’t able to do before, all because I got the help from Katie Barrington.”

Bagwell said the only thing that was difficult for her during the process was her uncooperative landlord. But that’s where Barrington came into play. She said it’s her job to coordinate and mediate with landlords, describing herself as the tenant’s “right-hand-man.”

“There’s really no strings attached to this,” Barrington said of the program. “By the end of the day, he gets paid, she gets paid, the family stays housed and homelessness is prevented.”

As of Thursday, the RentReliefRI dashboard shows that out of the 2,495 applications filed, 1,058 have been approved. Bagwell urged anyone who’s struggling to apply as soon as possible.

“The strongest people sometimes have the most problems, but we cover it very well,” Bagwell said. “If you need help, it’s out there. Go get it.”

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If there’s one thing the mainstream media hates doing it’s asking questions and/or doing a tiny bit of research. For instance, what does “being kicked out of her apartment amid the pandemic” mean? Did the Pawtucket Pumpwagon lose her job? Because according to her she was off to work while the rest of us had to stay at home to accommodate her.

She’s an essential CNA, you’re not. Except they stopped needing her during a pandemic, and somehow she wasn’t eligible for unemployment or any of the other social welfare programs that already exist to help folks like her. And of course her inability to work because of COVID (which was never explained) made her “fall victim to domestic violence.” Whatever that means. Questions are overrated.

The Rent Relief program that was created during the pandemic to prevent homelessness for people choosing not to work cost the taxpayers $200 million. It was basically a dinner bell for every ratchet who’s been gaming the system to finally cash in on being a lazy guttermuppet.

Anyway, she’s very upset with her landlord, who was a real jerk because he or she wanted to pay their mortgage and didn’t care about the sob story of the person living in their property who wasn’t paying them rent. Luckily the non-profit funded through the government came to her rescue and her application was approved! It must’ve been rigorous since many others have not been approved. Except two seconds of research shows that she’s been evicted in 2010, 2015, 2016, 2019, and 2020, before COVID started.

COVID had nothing to do with her current situation – this was just how she always chose to live life and she could finally blend in with people who needed legitimate help. The Pawtucket Pumpwagon went and cried to this non-profit after she saw the government was giving out cash from the money tree and she used her litter of children and a sob story about domestic violence to get them to pay off the $7,2000 she owed in rent for the most recent eviction.

Problem solved!

Oh, and she’s even been evicted from government housing.


They literally subsidize your rent and ask you to chip in a little bit, and it was too much to ask fo her. But yes, she’s a victim.

She was also criminally charged with welfare fraud that one time she started fraudulently using food stamps.

But none of that matters to the news, because they like the story about the domestic violence victim single Mom getting taken advantage of by a greedy landlord instead.

Don’t worry though, her inability to work or pay rent hasn’t stopped her from getting tittoos, Hennessy, or new hairstyles every other week so she can get dolled up to go to the club.

The hat. Always the hat.

At this point if you’re not working it’s not because of the pandemic, it’s because of you. But since half of our elected officials need sob stories like this to run on they’ll just keep enabling fraud and keeping the pandemic going for as long as possible so that people can suck off the government’s succulent breast for a little bit longer. And the media is there to help them do their part by spreading the lie.


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