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Pawtucket Cop Stalker Lynn Farinelli’s Bigoted, Angry And Threatening Friend Khrystyne Bento Uses High School Students To Lash Out At Police Department

A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to Lynn Farinelli, a Pawtucket woman whose hobbies include making borderline terroristic threats online, burying her city Solicitor in endless paperwork, trying to doxx the officers at her local PD, avoiding her multiple warrants for Restraining order violations, and looking a lot like indie film director Michael Moore.


Very shortly after the blog dropped, Ms. Farinelli locked her Facebook page up tighter than Fort Knox, which frankly is probably a good thing. By all appearances her social media presence was just a vehicle to threaten and intimidate city employees, police officers and her victim anyway. So her friend, partner in crime and fellow lunatic with an equal penchant for threats and public menace stepped in to speak for her and concoct an insane conspiracy theory. Meet “Khryrstyne” Bento, Lynn Farinelli’s angry and unhinged race-baiting buddy.


Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with here, shall we?


Much like Lynn, “Khrytstyne” posts a lot about how she hates the police and anyone in authority, while preaching the need for complete transparency.


Which is probably why she apparently was conspiring with Farinelli to literally doxx officers and their families, because….reasons.


And also, much like Farinelli, “Khrystyne” is full of horse shit and hypocrisy and holds herself to a much lesser standard of honesty and decency. For starters, her name is not “Khrystyne”. It’s Cristina M. Bento, and name changes such as this are enough to raise an eyebrow, at the very least.


Why the smoke and mirrors, Christina?

Christina also has presented herself as running a legitimate non-profit organization, The Unity Project, for the past several years, and solicits donations for said charity work.


But….I think we know where this is going.

unity incorp


She never filed an annual report, and subsequently was revoked.





That’s pretty naughty, Ms. Bento. Makes the newest nonprofit she is involved with look pretty suspicious by association.


god incorp


Given the penchant for making violent threats against other community members and even children that Cristina has in common with Lynn Farinelli, I don’t know that she’s the person best suited to spread the word of God or teach children anything, to be honest.


Wow, I can really feel the spirit of Christ within her from way over here.


Unlike Lynn Farinelli, however, Cristina sees racism everywhere. Which may be due in large part to the fact that she has to be one of the most racist people I’ve ever gawked at over the internet.


And sexist, too.


So now we have a clearer picture of the type of person who would respond to a blog written about her friend that merely highlighted some of her own social media posts, in her own words. Yes, Lynn looked crazy in it. We didn’t make that happen, though. She did that all on her own. And when you immediately start with stuff like this, Cristina:


So do you.

Cristina apparently believes that we are in some sort of collusion with the Pawtucket Police to carry out a plot to make her crazy friend look crazy,


by….forcing her to write incoherent, menacing and threat-laden Facebook posts? I don’t know, it’s hard to unpack all this, to be honest. The staggering lack of self-reflection and insight it takes to be completely oblivious to one’s public image is on full display here. We didn’t have to conspire with any police department, homegirl. Your friend has been documenting her own derangement, in public, all over the internet, for years. Nobody needs to go digging up insider information – it was all laid out on a silver platter by a woman who associates with no less than 3 people I personally despise. And now, Cristina, you make 4. Congratulations!


It’s been over a week, and still no video evidence of this grand scheme as promised, however. I’m honestly a little disappointed, but then again….I must be a hard part to cast. Keep trying, ladies. You may get there some day.

Cristina has a perfectly rational response to the conspiracy she has cooked up in her head – attack strangers near her shitty rented apartment building on sight, and let her friends and families members bleed to death in the streets.


Because “safety first”, of course. Totally sane stuff here.

Today Bento reached a new level of reprehensible today, though. In her crusade against the Pawtucket Police, she dragged two Tolman High School students into an online attack leveled at vilifying and discrediting SRO Baino.


This is the racist hate crime in question right here:


Ok, then. Sure thing. Definitely something to stir up outrage over, totally reasonable. Especially because the two girls in question weren’t phased in the least, and as two “minority students” (of course she had to lead with that, as opposed to, I don’t know – successful, intelligent, driven young ladies), see nothing racist, malicious or concerning in their school resource officer.



Wow. Real scathing indictment we have here.  Cristina Bento is so vindictive, spiteful, angry and bored that she takes no issue in sullying the achievements of two local students to further her own agenda. There’s no charity in that. She’s not on a quest for justice and social change – she’s on a revenge tour, and if she takes down a couple young women of color with her ,so be it. Who’s the racist here?

Anyway, pretty sure I’ve met my match here, as she keeps insisting in her relentless Facebook postings. This woman is clearly always right on the money, and so shrewd and effective. I’m terrified that she’s declared “war”. It’s been real folks!

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