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Peabody Career Criminal Gets Shot By Salem Police After Trying To Kill Them With Car And Terrorizing Civilians, Girlfriend Lashes Out At Critics


Salem around Halloween time is an extremely busy time of year. The last thing you need is a career criminal driving around like a lunatic and trying to kill cops. Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday.

Fox 25 NewsOne person was shot by police in Salem early Wednesday after allegedly trying to run over two police officers who approached his parked car, according to an arrest report. Salem Police Sgt. Michael Dunn said officers on routine patrol on Congress Street around 1 a.m., near Shetland Park, approached a car in the parking lot and the driver attempted to run the officers over. One officer, identified only as Officer Musto, fired his gun and hit the car, grazing the suspect in the arm, according to court documents. The man, later identified as Austin Boga, then drove away, before eventually crashing his car on Peabody Street and then fleeing on foot along the Salem Harbor waterfront, Dunn said. Boga was then cornered by other officers and jumped into the harbor to evade them, Dunn said, before eventually surrendering to police. He was taken to a local hospital for the wound on his arm, but was released in time for arraignment. Two police officers were also transported to a local hospital to be checked for injuries, Dunn said, but will be O.K.

According to court documents, the officers who initially approached Boga in his car said they thought he was overdosing.  State police detectives were at the scene early Wednesday as is standard in officer-involved shootings. The name of the officer who fired at the man has not been released. Boga has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault with a dangerous weapon, failure to stop for police, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene, speeding, stop sign violation and marked lanes violation. 

Varone said Boga was extremely angry when taken to Salem Hospital, screaming and swearing at officers and telling one officer who tried to read him his rights to “go (expletive) yourself,” referring to the officer as a “pig.” Boga’s mother and the mother of his fiancee, as well as a younger woman who did not identify herself, were present in court, but verbally lashed out at reporters when asked if they wanted to talk about what had happened to him.  

Greenwich Village circa 1924 called. They want their haircut back.

Think of what a terrible person you’d have to be to try to kill a bunch of cops who were checking to see if you were alive, drive through Salem during peak tourist season smashing into cars, beg the cops to save you after jumping into the ocean in late October like an idiot, only to then all the police pigs after they saved your life.

Not his fault though – he just hates traffic.

In 2016 he had just finished up a term of probation for an assault and battery case in Lynn, and he celebrated by getting charged with the same crime after being arrested for sucker punching a bouncer.

While Miglionico was struggling with the first bouncer, a second bouncer tried to assist. That’s when, police say, Boga jumped into the fray, sucker punching the second bouncer on the side of his head. The blow shattered that bouncer’s eye socket and cheekbone, police said, and sent him to the pavement, where he struck his head. He suffered a concussion and a 3 1/2-inch wound, police said in the report. The bouncer is still suffering visual problems and headaches, prosecutor Erin Bellavia told a judge, and has had to quit his job as a result of the attack. The investigation led him to a woman who was a friend of Boga. She eventually agreed to share a series of Facebook messages in which Boga allegedly told her, “That dude that went in the ambulance. I blasted him,” and “Yeah, that dude that was under the car, that’s the dude I hit. Knocked him out 1 hit.” Bellavia, who asked Judge Emily Karstetter to set bail at $5,000, noted that Boga had just completed a term of probation in a Lynn assault and battery case on April 28. 

He also has a plethora of Google trophies under his belt.

And he hates the police because he’s a well known drug addicted career criminal.

If you do the math there is a 99.99% chance we’d find “the hat” all over his Facebook page.

Never, ever fails. Ever.

The only thing less shocking than seeing multiple styles of the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat atop his long flowing locks is his affinity for pit bulls.

Stereotypes exist for a reason.

Here’s the best part – the car he used to play Salem bumper cars was his first car, and his girlfriend was so proud of him too.

When the high point of your relationship is when your 25 year old boyfriend bought his first car, you know you’ve set the bar high. #LifeGoals

When the proudest moment of your relationship was that time your boyfriend bought his first car at the age of 25, you know you’ve hitched your wagon to a winner.

What a waste of Peabody pie she is.

Let that be a lesson young men – if you want an Instagram model in training for a girlfriend, the best way to do that is to spend your adult life breaking the law and getting addicted to opiates.

Janelle had an announcement too.

“People have feelings.”

Yea, that’s what matters here – hurt feelz of the guy who tried to kill cops and put the lives of innocent people in danger.

“be respectful of other people’s families and loved ones.”

Oh, you mean by not driving like a maniac through downtown Salem and crashing into other people’s cars during Halloween week?

Yea, she’s the real victim here. Be mindful of her when judging the guy she chooses to fornicate with. Sounds like he really loves her too.

My advice to you is stop trying to kill cops and you won’t get shot by them. Also, might wanna do something about that haircut sir. You’re what Prison Mike would refer to as “da belle of da ball.”

The only people who are gonna be playin are your cellmates with your glory hole.


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