Peabody Woman Calls Police After Elderly Man Says “Hey You” In Liberty Tree Mall Parking Lot, Pumpkin Spice Mafia Thanks Her For Keeping Community Safe


This is Gabriella Fiore from Peabody.

Over the weekend she was at the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers where she survived a harrowing incident and was instantly inducted into the Pumpkin Spice Mafia Hall of Fame.

I can’t think of something that would make me shake for hours more than having a stranger say, “hey you” from a comfortable distance. It’s truly a miracle that she survived, when most women in her shoes would be halfway across the Atlantic in a container to be sold into sex slavery by Russian oligarchs. Just think about what could’ve happened if she answered him. Sure, the man could need assistance, or just want to talk, more than likely he was an international sex trafficker who underestimated his potential victim’s self-awareness.

A few insensitive people were suggesting that the man might not have been a sex trafficker, but luckily other members of the Pumpkin Spice Mafia were there to assure her that her shaking reaction was reasonable and justified.

“And to the women who are not thinking this way, you probably haven’t been through it before.”

Wait….been through what? A man asking a question from a distance in a public parking lot during broad daylight? Yes, only the Pumpkin Spice Mafia can relate to this terrorizing feeling. Plus, sex trafficking is literally everywhere. Just ask Megan Bloom from Saugus.

She’s an authority figure on the subject.

Who can forget the Lynn sex trafficking summer of 2021? Seems like every day some poor lady was getting tossed in a trunk at Walmart and sold to the highest bidder on some warlord’s yacht in the Baltic Sea.

I searched for sex trafficking in Lynn and found this article from 2019. Basically some guys started selling junkies to strange men for sex. Back in the day we used to call this prostitution, and the sex traffickers were called “pimps,” but that didn’t scare women on Facebook enough.

Nonetheless, if you get your news from hysterical women on community Facebook groups then you know there is TONS of trafficking currently going on.

Luckily Gabriella tied up police resources by calling them down and filing a report.

Thank you for warning the public about the dangers of people greeting each other in parking lots.

Despite the fact that only a couple people pointed out how hilarious and ridiculous her post was, while everyone else agreed she did the right thing, Gabriella vowed to never warn the public about sex traffickers again due to the blowback she received.

But the lasting effect of posts like hers is that other women read it and leave the page believing that they are in grave danger of being sex trafficked every time they go out in public. In other words, posts like this are the Dr. Fauci interviews of community Facebook groups, and the same people dumb enough to believe that a deadly virus was lurking around every corner ready to jump down their throats are the same people who believe the same about sex traffickers.


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