Pedo Hunting Vigilante Asked By Leominster Cop If He Is “The Turtleboy Sports Guy” During Sting At Target To Expose Man There To Meet 14 Year Old Boy


The Fitchburg pedophile hunting vigilantes struck again yesterday, exposing their 26th pedophile in a live streamed sting at the Leominster Target. This predator was there to be meet a 14 year old who he sent noodz to, and who he hoped would punch him until he climaxed. He was asked to leave the premises by a Target employee, and the highlight of the video happens when the cameraman is asked a question at the 11:25 mark.

“Are you the Turtleboy Sports guy.”

Just be clear, the guy filming it is known to wear flat brimmed hats, which are explicitly banned for TB employees. Failure to curve the brim is a fireable offense that violates company policy. Although I’ve shared their content several times and I believe what they are doing is a good thing, I am only interested in reporting on what they are doing. They are their own entity. I’ve had people approach me about concerns with the camera man’s past, which includes Google trophies and alleged issues with child support. I haven’t looked into it because there are no shortage of people in Fitchburg with similar issues, and it’s really not a story. So long as he doesn’t do ratchet things moving forward and sticks to the videos I will continue to endorse their work.

In this case I don’t blame the Target manager for trying to make him leave either.

As disgusting as these pedophiles are, Target is running a business that’s going to be extremely busy because of the pandemic. They have every right to protect their best interests, and that includes making sure that customers are not being filmed for pedophile hunting YouTube videos. The last thing people want to do right now is go shopping at Target. It’s stressful enough as it is, so they don’t need to be alerted that this man is a pedophile. People have a right to be indifferent and go about their business. Unlike the cameraman and the pedophile, other customers did not sign up for this. If they continue doing this I’d definitely suggest they blur faces out of citizens who didn’t sign up for this. They don’t have to, but it would give people one less thing to complain about.

But yea, this hunchback of total shame is obviously a freak who deserved to be put on blast. He also isn’t wearing a mask, doesn’t respect social distancing, and because of his age he’s at risk of getting it from the boy who he wanted to service him. As usual, the only people who are following the guidelines are people who buy into the idea that we all live in a society. People like this never will because they only care about themselves.

If you know who he is feel free to email [email protected] so he can be identified. I continue to be amazed by how many of these people they are able to find in such a small area. It’s eye opening how brazen and common predators like this must be across the state and the country.

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