People Who Acted As Lookouts For Jen McCabe, Defended Her From Questioning In Billerica Are Teachers In Canton, Friends Of Brian Albert 


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We have identified two of the other individuals who attempted to help Jennifer and Matt McCabe avoid being questioned yesterday at a Billerica-Canton lacrosse game, about their role in the murder of John O’Keefe.

First let me say that I don’t necessarily blame these two guys:

That’s the Billerica Athletic Director and some other guy who’s involved in lacrosse. Neither said anything particularly disrespectful to me, and they were in a tough position. I can’t assume they know who Jen McCabe or Turtleboy was, so they were responding to an incident that they thought was getting out of control. They told me I was bothering the McCabes, so I had to tell them exactly what the McCabes did.

This is all part of the education process. The AD told me “don’t bring your problems to our facility,” because he clearly didn’t understand what was happening. So I hope AD John Magliozzi is reading this because I want to educate him.

Dear John Magliozzi, 

I didn’t bring my problems to Billerica High School. The McCabes did. They are choosing to go out in public in the most arrogant way possible, knowing that the public is aware that Jennifer googled “how long to die in snow” at 2:27 AM, because she knew that Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe’s body was about to be dumped on the front lawn of Brian Albert’s house, and she wanted to know how much time they had. The murder of an innocent person, and the subsequent coverup in order to frame an innocent woman, is not “my problem,” it is everyone’s problem. I don’t know Karen Read, so this is not personal for me. I just don’t believe that anyone is safe around the McCabes, and I don’t think they deserve to be comfortable in public considering what they did to John O’Keefe, another man I have no personal connection to. 

Thank you, 

Billerica Lacrosse Fan Aidan Kearney

But the others who knew who I was and what Jen McCabe is accused of and still tried to have me removed deserve to be named and shamed.

First is this guy:

He was the spotter. I noticed him the moment I walked in at the bottom of the bleachers. He recognized me immediately and got on his phone. When I went to the other side of the bleachers he followed me. It was clear that he was working with the McCabes and had been tipped off that I may be showing up. As it turns out his name is Michael Boen, and he’s a health teacher and assistant to the athletic director at Canton High School.

Boen was an all-star basketball player at Mansfield High School, leading the Hornets to the Division 1 State Finals before falling to Putnam (Springfield). He went on to have a stellar career at Stonehill College.

It’s too bad now he’s been relegated to being Jen McCabe’s personal bitch. He clearly had spoken with them beforehand, knew what I looked like, and plotted to alert the McCabes when I arrived. This means that he likely was aware of the reporting and what the McCabes had done to obstruct justice, and still decided that two people who participated in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable in public.

Not surprisingly Mike Boen is a jock, and jock culture runs the town of Canton. The McCabe and the Albert familes are at the top of the jock food chain, serving as generational captains and star athletes for the football, hockey, and lacrosse teams. Mike Boen is part of the problem, and deserves to be called out for protecting cop killers from legitimate questions. Perhaps he will play dumb and say he knows nothing about this story, so feel free to fill him in with a respectful email at [email protected]. Or just tweet at him here.

Then there was eskimo lady.

This woman told me at the 3:30 mark that it was “so untrue” that Jen McCabe had anything to do with the murder of John O’Keefe.

She chose to say that, and thereby provided cover for Jennifer McCabe. Had she just said, “I’m trying to watch the game and you’re distracting me,” I wouldn’t bother with her. She also falsely told me that I had no right to watch a game that I paid to get into because I don’t have a kid on the team. It was clear that she there to protect the McCabes from being uncomfortable in any way, and is fully supportive of the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. It is alarming that a teacher would do such a thing, and for that she deserves to be publicly shamed.

Her name is Eileen Dailey, and she is also a teacher (English) at Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton. Here she is with her husband Tim Dailey.

Tim Dailey is a close friend of Brian and Chris Albert. Multiple people saw them together at the Hillside bar in Canton days before John O’Keefe was killed. Other sources tell us that both he and the Albert brothers attempted to assert themselves in a fight outside of CF McCarthy’s involving another Cantonite by the name of John, a week before O’Keefe died.

Eileen Dailey also supported a man named Mark Driscoll for Blue Hills Regional School Committee:

Mark Driscoll is another close personal friend of Brian Albert. Las month in the Everything Canton Facebook group Mark was vociferously defending his friend Brian Albert, while suggesting my reporting was not reputable. (Multiple people sent me screenshots of his comments but I can’t find them. If you have them please message Clarence Woods Emerson again so I can put them in this blog.)

It says a lot about how infested the town of Canton is when there are still people like this defending people who clearly were involved in the murder of John O’Keefe. If a friend of mine kills an innocent person then it won’t be hard for me to end that friendship. But in Canton they struggle with it.

It’s troubling that two people defending and protecting the McCabes and Alberts are teachers. You don’t get to pretend to be a good person while looking out for the interests of cop killers. We are going to make it socially unacceptable to do so. Let it be known – if you continue to protect these people from answering simple questions in public you will be considered complicit.

Eileen Dailey can be reached at [email protected].


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