Perfectly Healthy Vaccinated People Wait Hours In Line In Freezing Cold Rain At Boston Library To See If They Have Virus That Can’t Kill Them


Two years into this “pandemic” and it just boggles my mind that there are still people out there who are afraid of coronavirus. Thanks to a surge in “cases” there are thousands of morons who aren’t sick at all, waiting in hours long lines to take a test to see if they have a virus that couldn’t possibly kill them. I watched this clip on WBZ last night and couldn’t stop laughing.

This guy:

By his own admittance he is vaccinated, got the booster shot, and doesn’t feel sick at all, but he’s still willing to give up Christmas anyway.

Imagine how broken your brain is to be a healthy guy in your 20’s, fully vaccinated and boosted, and spend your entire Wednesday before Christmas waiting in the freezing cold rain while wearing a mask outside in order to get a test to find out if you have a virus, even though you’ve shown no signs whatsoever that you’re sick. Newsflash Reed – you’re probably gonna get sick from standing in the cold rain for hours and kill your immunocompromised uncle now. Nice going.

We can’t go on sharing a country with people like this. Their brains are too broken and they can’t be fixed. This guy would gladly force your children to get vaccinated against the will of their parents, even though by standing in this line to begin with he is admitting that the vaccine does not work. Michelle Wu didn’t become Mayor of Boston by accident. She told people she was gonna force the vaccine on everyone and the voters approved of that. You’ll never be able to find common ground with these people, so it’s best to just leave communist utopias like Boston and move to a new town or state with normal people. Then you can sit back, watch the news, and mock people like Reed Langona, as you should.



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