Phantom Gourmet Pays $10K In Reparations To BLM Shakedown Artist Tito Jackson Despite Partnership With Monica Cannon-Grant


It’s been 5 months since a BLM mob fueled by the death of George Floyd coerced the Phantom Gourmet to force CEO Dave Andelman to resign because he made some Facebook posts pointing out the hypocrisy of closing restaurants to stop the spread of COVID while allowing millions of people to protest and riot in the streets.

Everything he said was true, but his gutless turncoat brother Dan realized that it was easier to give into the mob than actually stand for something, so they forced Dave to “resign” and be a silent partner.

However, BLM never misses an opportunity to profit off of an event like this. They see wealthy white people who got some bad press and are looking to show the world they’re not racist, and they seek to profit off of that white guilt. That’s exactly what happened over the weekend as the Phantom Gourmet paid $10K to the Black Hospitality Coalition, thanks to former Boston Mayoral candidate Tito Jackson.

Phantom Gourmet just got cucked by BLM into paying reparations. That’s what just happened here.

Tito Jackson is the ultimate grifter. The disgraced former Boston City Councillor is good friends with Monica Cannon-Grant, despite her long and documented history of racism.

Tito Jackson worked on Monica’s failed run at State Rep and has been Monica’s link to City Hall and legitimacy.

He advocates for her constantly, and without his support this racist, violent psychopath would not have the amount of influence that she does.

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Tito is well aware of this, as we played her racist tirades on a loudspeaker directly in front of him two months ago. He tried kicking us off a public sidewalk for live streaming our peaceful protest against her racism at the 2:30 mark.

He heard her say the following:








And he condones it this vile, disgusting racism.

He also had to hold back Violence in Boston INC employee Chris Lewis after Lewis assaulted a woman for peacefully protesting.

This is who the Phantom Gourmet is sucking up to in order to prove to the world that they are not racist. Tito Jackson shook them down for ten large because he saw white guilt in the water and knew it was a free lunch. You almost have to respect someone who’s this good at scamming.

I can only assume that Tito Jackson is a flaming bigot too, since he’s aware of the things Monica has said and stands by her 100%. So my question is, why is the Phanton Gourmet associating itself with a racist in order to prove they’re not racist? Corporations like this shouldn’t get a free pass when they pander to these terrorists. Cancel culture works both ways, so feel free to let them know on their Facebook post that their support for racism won’t be allowed.


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